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Touhou Nekokayou #146: Fairy Wars Episode 2: Attacking the Clowns

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Touhou Nekokayou: Scarlet Weather Archive in Japanese Red #146

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Characters: Cirno, Lily White, Luna Child, Marisa Kirisame

Part two. Part one is here. I'm going to get this done in less than seventeen comics. See if you can find all the seventeens! Mentions of seventeen, phrases with seventeen letters, sentences with seventeen words ... Even I might not have found them all!

Originally, I wasn't sure whether it made chronological sense for this to take place before the first few comics, given that Lily was established as having just started working for the Mansion, but then I decided that, hey, it was the right chronological point for Fairy Wars, and anyway, Koakuma didn't directly say that it was a "just now" sort of thing; the subject didn't necessarily need to have come up depending on the extent and timing of Koakuma's previous contacts with Momiji and the other tengu.

Not sure what else to say about this, besides the fact that there are not nine panels this time. I think I've used a similar punchline before, too, but, eh.


  1. (Cirno, Lily White, and Luna Child are lying on the ground.)
    Lily White: Ugh ...
    Cirno: Oof ...
    Luna Child: B'duh ...
    Marisa: (off-camera) SORRY!
  2. (Cirno and Luna Child start getting up.)
    Luna Child: S-someday ... we'll ... get her for that ...
    Cirno: S-stupid witch interrupting our war ...
    Lily White: ... gonna be late for work ...
  3. (Lily struggles to get up as well.)
    Cirno: Argh, we'd better ... recover fast enough ... to fight!
    Luna Child: Hah! ... oof ... I only need to ... recover faster ... than you do!
    Lily White: ... ahhh ...!
  4. (Marisa walks into the background. Lily hurries away.)
    Marisa: (aside) Ah, cool, no collateral damage! My "only affects humanoids" spell worked!
    Cirno: What!? You dirty-fighting-little ...
    Luna Child: Heh ... ow ... All's fair in love and ... and war, as long ... as we don't break the Spell Card rules ...
    Lily SFX: sometimes knows trouble when she sees it coming
  5. (Marisa heads out again, as Cirno starts hovering and Luna gets to her feet and starts hovering.)
    Marisa: 2:17, time to head home ... I'll just write love-notes on the back of my Spell Cards, she'll figure it out eventually.
    Cirno: That's it! I'm gonna beat all of you even *more* into next week than I was already!
    Luna Child: (dizzy) Hah! We, ah, you won't be able to defeat us if we all team up!
  6. (The two of them face off, both hovering, with some interface-captions appearing around them.)
    Cirno: Yeah, right! I could take on seventeen of you at once! And it's just you here right now, anyway!
    Luna Child: Well I'll show you that even one of me alone is dangerous!
  7. (An ice-sword appears in Cirno's hand.)
    Luna Child: (suddenly scared) You what!?
  8. Cirno: (brandishing the sword at Luna) You may think I'm clumsy and random, but I can freeze you a hundred an' fifty-three times before --
    Luna Child: (fleeing) AAAAAAA!!!
  9. (Cirno watches her go, bemused.)
    Cirno: .....
  10. (Victory scene against a sketchy pink background.)
    Cirno: I WIN!

All Touhou characters are © Team Shanghai Alice and/or ZUN; create.swf is ⑨ KirbyM with help from Thefre. "Sakura petals" brush in main/4koma logo was made by Kisara Girl. "Falling leaves" brush in 60-Years logo came with Photoshop.

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Let's count the 17 jokes! Marisa says it 2:17, Cirno says she can take Luna Child on 17 times, Cirno's title is 17 letters long. That's all I got.


Luna Child did not sign up to be sword'd.


"Fairy Wars Episode 2: Attacking the Clowns"... WUT?


(Double post, yay!) Yeah, I know is the reference to the movie tittle, but still... WUT?

(Had to do this unnecesary explanation to avoid unnecesary explanations)


clown, fool, baka, (9)

Wonder what Chen thinks of her younger aunt. Dont recall those two having screen time together. Yes I know it's unrelated.

Dizzy H. Muffin

@Eletale: Cirno is attacking the Three Fairies, who are clowning around.

@DiMastine: I ... have no idea who you're talking about. o.o


Yukari is the "younger aunt" (she's 17, compared to Ran's 800 something). Unless you mean the theraurus of "idiot".


Was refers to fanon either having Ran be motherly or perv to Chen. and Yukari generally trying to act like the cool older sis, when she's not fooling around. Not quite sure how Kon would end up being treated. Though we've seen Yukari being entertained by her.


If only Marisa had let loose with that huge laser BEFORE the extra stage, right?

(Take one guess as to why I bring this up.)


@Spirit Tsunami: No, 154 = 2 * 7 * 11. 17 * 9 = 153.

Dizzy H. Muffin

@GreatLimmick: Whoops, fixed! There, it says 153 now~ :3c


Because it's a fun memory everybody should share?


For some reason I kind of want to say there's a subttle Yukari joke inbedded in here somewere. For some reason I want to say someone is going to say "Dammnit Yukari"... eventually. lol


guesses at upcoming titles

Revenge of the twits
episode 4: a new dope
the dumbpire strikes back
return of the (9)


I'm sorry, Chirno but...
You just lost the extra stage.


@shintear Must be me playing then. (Seriously, I barely last a minute or 2 into the stage.)


I'd mention my captcha but I won't, because after I scrolled down when you said 'find all the seventeens' the number of comments was... seventeen.

'Fairy Wars Chapter 2' is seventeen alphanumeric characters long; 'Someday, we will get her for that / Stupid witch interrupting our war / Gonna be late for work' has seventeen words; 'That's it! I'm gonna beat all of you even *more* into next week than I was already!' is seventeen words long; 'Ice Fairy of Awesome' has seventeen alphabetical characters; 'Freeze-Appear-Shine' has seventeen alphabetical characters; 'Winner / I win! / Cirno' has seventeen characters.

Do I get something?

Dizzy H. Muffin

You get more than I did on purpose, that's for sure~

(Also, it's Episode 2, not "Chapter" 2, but that's okay since "Episode" and "Chapter" are both the same length.)


@DiMastine: You know those titles you gave could actually work out in that way if Muffin keeps to the Star Wars gag for the Fairy Wars bit here. Besides why do I get this funny feeling that we're going to have a gag between Daiyousei and Cirno in Episode 5 here. lol


Help me Yousei Daikenobi, you're my only hope.


And next off an encounter between Cirno and Toyosatomimi :3 xD
just to make a senseless encounter~ :3