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Touhou Nekokayou #140: A Question For The Ages


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Touhou Nekokayou: Scarlet Weather Archive in Japanese Red #140

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Characters: Cirno, Utsuho Reiuji, Daiyousei, Rengeteki, Wriggle Nightbug

This one is intentionally relatively simple; no tricks or fancy backgrounds, just Team ⑨ hanging around and having good times together. And I have neither regrets nor shame for the title. Oh, hey, also, there's nine panels! That worked out nice.

Rengeteki is a midboss who appears in Lotus Land Story and Mystic Square; she doesn't even have a fanonical name, technically, although someone apparently tried to give her that name a while back. It didn't stick, though, since apparently only a few people were trying to do it and a few more picked it up. I've had "Rengeteki in Team 9" in my list of comic-ideas for a bit; it was one of those things I couldn't use because it wasn't a complete idea, and I didn't have anything to use it with. So here's a comic starring Team ⑨ ...

I also thought it would be funny to have Utsuho in Team ⑨, even setting aside the fact that she's going out with Cirno in Nekokayou-canon. I had to make her leave, though, because she was making things ... crowded.

I just couldn't get satisfied with Wriggle's line in panel 4, whether she1 should say "human Japanese women" or "Japanese human women." I eventually decided on the latter (obviously).

I got the punchline from a conversation on IRC, but there really is only one possible answer for the question of Cirno's apparent-age.2


  1. Narration Box: Girls are hanging out ...
    (Team ⑨ is hanging around in the woods: Cirno, Utsuho, Wriggle, Rengeteki, and Daiyousei are there. Cirno, Rengeteki, and Daiyousei spend the entire comic hovering.)
    Cirno: Y'know, I was just thinking about how all youkai pretty much look like humans!
    Wriggle: Yeah?
    Daiyousei: I've noticed it too, now that you mention it ...
  2. Cirno: (waving her hands) Yeah, it's like ... not just fairies, but also, y'know, like hell-cats and fireflies and stuff! And they're all young and stuff!
    Rengeteki: Young? But ... I know *you're* more than 60 years old, Chilly ...
    Wriggle: I think she means we *look* like young humans, Renge.
  3. Cirno: Right! And --
    Utsuho: Unyu, sorry Cirno, but I have to head back to the reactor ...
    Cirno: Aww, okay. Bye!
    Rengeteki: Later, Okuu!
    Wriggle: It was fun hanging out!
  4. (Utsuho exits.)
    Cirno: But yeah, it's like ... Dai, you're sorta like ten, I guess ... and Okuu is seventeen or something ...
    Regeteki: Chen looks thirteen, doesn't she? And Mystia's ... sixteen, I think ...
    Wriggle: (to Rengeteki) It's hard to tell sometimes, some Japanese human women just look young, right?
  5. (Cirno gets a catlike smirk.)
    Cirno SFX: "pleased that she started a discussion" face
    Daiyousei: Yeah, Wriggle, I would've had you pegged for either a youthful eighteen, or a precocious fifteen.
    Wriggle: Haha!
  6. (Cirno begins to frown.)
    Rengeteki: (thinking too hard) And, uh, Okuu's owner's ... sister's ... girlfriend ...
    Daiyousei: You talking about Koishi's girlfriend Flandre?
    Rengeteki: Yeah, uh ... she's eleven. Except when ... she's ... seventeen.
    Cirno SFX: "Except now they aren't paying attention to me" face
  7. Cirno: (with a kind of stupid-looking smile) So, uh, how old do I look?
    Cirno SFX: "Complete failure to sound natural" face
    Rengeteki: Hm? I think you look ... maybe ten, or eleven ...
    Wriggle: I'd say closer to eight ...
    Daiyousei: (flying forward) Nahhh...
  8. (Closeup as Daiyousei flies up to Cirno.)
    Cirno: Yeah?
    Daiyousei: For *you*, Cirno, There's really only one possible answer for what age you look like.
  9. (Further closeup; Cirno has an anger-vein popping, and both of them glare darkly at each other behind cheerful smiles.)

1Have I mentioned that I keep having this momentary mental confusion about which gender I should use to refer to Touhou characters, even though I know you can count the number of males on one hand? I almost typed "he" there. This is also the first time I did this with Wriggle in particular, ironically.

2Comments to the effect of "I don't get it!" will be promptly deleted. Count the panels again~

All Touhou characters are © Team Shanghai Alice and/or ZUN; create.swf is ⑨ KirbyM with help from Thefre. "Sakura petals" brush in main/4koma logo was made by Kisara Girl. "Falling leaves" brush in 60-Years logo came with Photoshop.

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Kimiko Muffin - This is also the first time I did this with Wriggle in particular, ironically.

Well, isnt Wriggle just cross-dressing boy?... Uh wait a sec...


Wait, there were profile links? *looks directly under the comic*
wait, those were profile links?

Kimiko Muffin

Did you even move the mouse over them before? :P

Kimiko Muffin

No comic at the moment this week, due to being sick.

Formica Archonis

Awww, hope you're feeling better soon!


Get better soon.


Actually, when you said "profile links" I thought they were going to be linked to the profiles on this site, not on touhouwiki.

Kimiko Muffin

I'm getting better~

@bp: So you didn't even move the mouse over them before~? ;)


yeah, basically. and since I have no shame, I'm not afraid to point out my flaws.

To quote a random person who is a friend of my friend: "Time Rich and Shameless people are the best." I have both of these qualities. :)


Having a massive headache myself, I can totally understand your lack of productivity.

Doing the thinky thing while ill, do not want.


I find your lack of charisma disturbing

I think we have a patient for Hina

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