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Touhou Nekokayou #139: Shoulda Done This Ages Ago


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Touhou Nekokayou: Scarlet Weather Archive in Japanese Red #139

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Characters: Sakuya Izayoi, Flandre Scarlet, Remilia Scarlet, Hong Meiling, Koishi Komeiji, Satori Komeiji

Welcome to Comic #139: The One Where Remilia Is Actually Nice To Flandre For A Change.1

The dialogue in panel 1 came about because I didn't want to have another comic where a character was standing around doing nothing until another character showed up. This is also probably the most direct reference to Monty Python I've ever done, too.

I'm also Particularly Pleased2 with the dialogue about the weather; a vampire wouldn't be eager to go out in the sun, would they? Rain's still a problem, if Remilia's story in Scarlet Weather Rhapsody and a throwaway line in Bohemian Archive are anything to go by, but yeah.

It was mildly difficult getting a black tint to the background which was neither too dark for merely cloudy nor too light to actually notice if you didn't have the undarkened version right next to you, but I figure 18% opacity of solid-black was basically as good as I was going to get. Making the backgrounds took a lot of the effort that went into this comic as a whole. And even then, I don't even know if anyone's gonna really notice things like the really faint blue tint of the gray skies ... Also, I had to take a much larger image of the basket, shrink it down in Photoshop, and reinsert it, because shrinking the Create.swf object turned it into a black blob because at that size the outlines were WAY too big.

Oh, hello, it's the ancient "JUST AS PLANNED" joke. Haven't seen it in a while. The context it was used in is almost as ancient. I like to think you can really see how far I've come since those days. You can certainly see how far KirbyM's come.


  1. (Flandre and Sakuya are standing around in the Scarlet Devil Mansion's hallway; Remilia comes up behind them, hovering a bit.)
    Sakuya: ... of course, that was just another superstition left over from the middle ages.
    Flandre: Kinda like the one where a sheep's bladder could be used to prevent earthquakes?
    Remilia: Hey Flan!
  2. Flandre: What's up, sis?
    Remilia: Well, y'know, uh ... it's a nice and cloudy day out, and, um ... Wanna go outside with me?
  3. Flandre: (surprised) Ah ... you mean, just go out to have fun and stuff?
    Sakuya: I don't think you've ever done that with her before, Milady.
    Remilia: W-well, then, we're obviously overdue for a sisterly get-together!
  4. Remilia: Besides, you're more sane than you've been all your life. You've pretty much earned it.
    Flandre: Yay!
    Sakuya: Be sure to bring parasols in case the sun comes out! And don't stray too far from shelter -- they don't look like rain clouds, but ...
  5. (Remilia and Scarlet are hovering at the SDM's front gate with Meiling seeing them off, Remilia holding a parasol and Flandre with a picnic basket.)
    Meiling: Now you two had *better* have fun, okay?
    Remilia: Hah! Don't you worry about that!
    Flandre: Yeah, we will!
  6. (The two of them fly high up in the gray clouds.)
    Flandre: So, where're we gonna go?
    Remilia: I was thinking someplace new! I understand there's a rather nice view from the top of those hills to the south ...
  7. Flandre: Ah, it is! Though, uh, if you wanted somewhere new, Koishi took me there last month ...
    Remilia: (sweatdrop) D-did she? Well, then, perhaps the waterfall on Youkai Mountain ...
    Remilia's Thoughts: Don't get angry, don't get angry, don't get angry ...
  8. (Remilia is starting to lose her cool.)
    Flandre: Yeah, uh, she took me there too.
    Remilia: Ah ... then how about ...
    Flandre: Sis ...
  9. (Flandre flies up to Remilia.)
    Flandre: Just being with you is special enough. You don't need to go overboard trying to be unique about it ...y'know?
    Remilia: Ah ... well ...
  10. Remilia: (grinning) ... heh. You're right. I'm sorry for overthinking this.
    Flandre: (cheerful) No worries! Now let's head to that southern hill, okay?
    Remilia: Certainly!
  11. (They fly along over a hill in the background. In the near foreground, this is observed by Koishi.)
  12. (Closeup of Koishi with Light Yagami's smirk.)
  13. Text Box: Later ...
    (Koishi and Satori in the Palace of Earth Spirits.)
    Satori: Okay, but, um, I can see in your memories that you didn't actually do anything, so why were you acting like ...?
  14. (Closeup of Koishi with Light Yagami's smirk, while Satori falls over in the background.)
    Text: I HAVE NO IDEA!
    Satori SFX: thud

1My original idea was to have Koishi show up after they've had a full day of fun, and actually accuse Remilia of doing this specifically to try to get between the two of them. "Just kidding!" "DON'T DO THAT!" But then I decided that this would be a really terrible idea since it would destory the "heartwarming" thing I was going for.

2Another phrase I overuse!

All Touhou characters are © Team Shanghai Alice and/or ZUN; create.swf is ⑨ KirbyM with help from Thefre. "Sakura petals" brush in main/4koma logo was made by Kisara Girl. "Falling leaves" brush in 60-Years logo came with Photoshop.

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This kind of reminds me of when Okuu was acting menacing back in Catness.


-pulls a Satori, only giggling madly-


I enjoy heartwarming Scarlet sister things so I enjoy this.

I was actually going to make a comment about not wanting to know whats in the picnic basket but I remembered the whole thing about kicking the blood habit.

Dizzy H. Muffin

The basket contains mostly pastries.


Deathnote Face. Always appropriate, no matter the situation. Always.


I don't get it, taker.


Oh Koishi.

Nice playing around with the usual just-as-planned-ness.


Anyway, I'm guessing Koishi twisted Remilia's subconsciousness so that she'd go outside with Flandre?


I'd have expected Yukari to pull one of these on us after deliberately not fooling around.
Then again, Koishi fools around a fair bit, too.

Hmm, does Remilia fly more quickly than Flandre, or is Flan just letting her take the lead?

Rainy Daze

For some reason, I think that Koishi looks like she isn't entirely awake.


@TARDISES: Satori says that Koishi didn't actually do anything to make Remilia do that. I guess Remilia just did it of her own free untwisted will.

Koishi is just being silly.


This Reminds me of the Scarlet Sisters Subscenario in Touhou Soccer 2, where Mokou organizes a team to play against Remilia and Flandre to get them to play together more. The summary: The sisters win and Remilia gains the confidence to play with her sister more often because she was afraid that Flandre would reject her for locking her up in the basement.


Hmm, now that I think about it, this has a similar feel to that recent Millet-Soup doujin that was released... 'Cept no sexy santa-outfit... *pouts* Still, it's nice seeing Remi doing somehting sisterly once in awhile. :3


that fear makes no sense. Seriously, Remilia should know as well as we do that if Flandre REALLY wanted out, nothing in Gensokyo could stop her. Not even the spellcard rules. NOT EVEN YUKARI AND REIMU.
and Flandre similarly knows why she's locked in the basement and sees sense in it.

Dizzy H. Muffin

I've compared the effectiveness of "locking Flandre in the basement" to DRM before ... ;)


Well, Yukari could stop her by manipulating the border of "power" and "no power" rendering her completely normal (other than the vampire thing).

a chicken passeth by

The "I have no idea LMAO" is supposed to be Henjin Galileo's trademark. To see it become mixed with Death Note is a joy. <_<

Dizzy H. Muffin

I have never heard of Henjin Galileo before. |3


It's a good comic, but I'd probably like it a bit more if the idea of a saned-by-Koishi Flandre going out with Remilia didn't trigger horrible, horrible flashbacks. But I'm sure this time it'll work out a lot better.


You're so silly, Koishi.


Actually, it's quite easy to keep Flan from leaving the SDM when you consider that
a) vampires are weak to rain and
b) your best friend is a mage who can control, among others, water.


Well its easy until she catches onto the fact that the magician is making it rain. Then you have to protect said friend from being 'kyu'ed to death.


Um, people, did you not read EoSD's extra backstory? It was in the afterword page, later moved to it's own page, here's the link:
So Wymar's guess (if it was a guess) was right. I was wondering why it was never mentioned.