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Touhou Nekokayou #129: I Am Lily Black


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Touhou Nekokayou: Scarlet Weather Archive in Japanese Red #129

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Characters: Sakuya Izayoi, Flandre Scarlet, Lily Black White, Koishi Komeiji, Nue Houjuu, Byakuren Hijiri

This is one of the first ideas I've used in ... well, over a month, obviously, but even without counting Shiki Month, it's been a while since I've made a comic using an idea that was less than a week or so old, let alone less than 48 hours. Which is to say ... I only just came up with the idea for this comic on Friday-ish, as opposed to having it languishing in my ideas-file for months.

Sakuya's line in panel 5 is a reference to how Cirno seems to be ... moving up in the world, given the dialogue in the Extra Stage of Touhou 12.8: Fairy Wars. And also the fact that in Touhou 12.3, she defeats Sanae, holds her own against Utsuho, and outlasts all of Alice's super-dolls.1 In Panel 4, of course, Sakuya is exemplifying the old saying, "Those who don't work, don't eat; and those who dress in black and loom vaguely threateningly over your superiors instead of working get stabbed in the face."

I tried to do something with a relatively simple setup so that I could get it done quickly; I then proceeded to get distracted for over an hour, oh well. I was also focused on details like keeping the relative distance/location of the discarded knife at the same spot, with the characters all in the same locations (note that Lily Black's wing is just poking into the edge of panel 7). I am, however, Particularly Pleased with the fact that I managed to insert some sort of getting-it-wrong stupidity into just about every one of Lily Black/Nue's lines. And so was Nue, I'd imagine, right up until the end.


  1. (Flandre and Sakuya are standing around idly in the SDM hallway. Lily Black is grinning wickedly and cattishly from just off-panel.)
    Sakuya: So, yeah, just wait 'til she gets here.
    Flandre: Kaaaaaaay!
  2. (Lily looms at them.)
    Lily: I AM LILY BLACK!
    Flandre: What?
    Sakuya: ... Lily, put your maid uniform back on and get back to work.
  3. (Lily floats towards them.)
    Lily: I know not of this Lily White of ... you, uh, speak of ... which! I am Lily Black, and I will ... do stuff!
    Sakuya: .....
    Flandre: But she didn't ... ... Oh forget it.
  4. (Lily now has a knife in her forehead; Flandre turns to Sakuya.)
    Lily: Gawrk!
    Flandre: So what were you saying?
    Sakuya: Yeah, uh ...
  5. (Lily tosses the knife aside.)
    Lily: Ahahahaha! Such things cannot knife me!!
    Sakuya: (brandishing another knife) What!? That would've put *Cirno* out of commission! ... Probably.
    Flandre: Huh!?
  6. (Flandre and Sakuya rise up into the air.)
    Flandre: You wanna handle this or should I?
    Sakuya: Hmm ... I will. I'm better at gauging power, and I don't foresee any problems unless she's suddenly become an EX-boss ...
    Lily: (panicked but trying to keep her smile) Ah, well, I, um ...
  7. (Lily White comes up behind Flandre and Sakuya. Sakuya gets a "!" over her head.)
    Lily White: WHAT'S GOING ON!?!?
  8. (The scene pans back so that Black is in view; Flandre and Sakuya move sort of back-to-back)
    Lily Black: Aha, as you can see, I am not she! Her! Um, whichever!
    Sakuya: I thought "Lily Black" was just Lily White dressing up.
    Flandre: That's what Cirno told Utsuho told Koishi told me. So which one's the real Lily?
  9. (Koishi comes up behind Lily Black, her Third Eye open.)
    Koishi: The one who *isn't* using a Seed of Non-Perception to disguise her true form.
    Lily Black: (in Nue's voice) Aw, CRAP!
  10. (Flanked by Sakuya and Lily White, Byakuren sternly stands over a tearful Nue in the Myouren Shrine. Which is also the Palanquin Ship.)
    Byakuren: Nue, I'm not angry, I'm just disappointed.
    Nue: Uuu ...
    Lily: (aside) Is this when she's gonna apologize to us?
    Sakuya: Shh.

1All of them! ... sorry.

All Touhou characters are © Team Shanghai Alice and/or ZUN; create.swf is ⑨ KirbyM with help from Thefre. "Sakura petals" brush in main/4koma logo was made by Kisara Girl. "Falling leaves" brush in 60-Years logo came with Photoshop.

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Ironically, she WAS an ex-boss.


lol. Nice seeing the ufo cast and nue and everyone. Hope to see more of Nue, by far one of my new favorites.


Can you explain how to parse Flandre's sentence in panel 8?


Cirno told Utsuho that Lily Black was Lily White dressed up.
Then Utsuho told Koishi, who then told Flan.


Aww, we missed the chance of seeing Maid Nue. Oh well.

Also, is Lily White not in for a punishment? I mean, she did show up at work without her uniform...


I'm guessing that Cirno thought about Lilly White/Black like that before facing off against both of them in 12.8 if you ask me. So in the end Nue decied to dress up as Lilly Black, but she does show off the aditude that the fans more or less know about Black.


funny xD
Koishi really came in at the right time xD


@ Myrrh: I'm fairly certain she was there the whole time.


I don't think the SDM wants Lily White as a maid, just due to how she reacts during spring.


Oh, but we can't hear voices in your comics, Muffin.

Dizzy H. Muffin

@Duran: Well, it is mostly just a summer job.

@Mariku: The question, "Why did Muffin insert an image of Nue's face hanging out of Lily Black's speech balloon?" is only now entering your head.


Nue just wants to play with the other EX-Bosses...!