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CSA0759: Carroll: Your father wants you for... something.


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You brush aside all thoughts of doing anything like accepting Shanghai's compliments or taking her advice, because you're eight years old and you aren't going to consider stupid things like that over your post-loss sulk. You aren't even going to consider hugging anyone, because to hell with trying to depict that in Create.swf.

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Wow way to sound lazy there Muffin. :p

Dizzy H. Muffin

You try to depict hugging in Create.swf and have it not look really awkward or "what is thist hing you call perspective" or just plain shitty, and then get back to me. :P


I've seen it done before on YouTube of course, but you say it looks wierd to you then I'll take your word for it. Granted I don't even know how to use Create.swf for the life of me aside from that pong game you can play against Yukari.

In any case I just wanted to mess with you for what you stated there is all. :p