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CSA0669: Sacchin: Grab all the necessary items that you'll need.


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That would be silly! Grabbing them would result in removing them from your Inventory. Oh, I didn't mention it before? You have an Inventory. Sorry.

Gohei, check. Spell Cards, check. Yin-Yang Orb, check. Your CODEC is now a permanent piece of equipment and will no longer be displayed. Your wits are those of a nine-year-old accepting commands from people over the internet.

Well ... that's it until lunch, you guess.

> Sacchin: Call someone other than Carroll to pass the time.

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Random person of randmoness

>Sacchin: wait for lung canc- I mean lunch


Waiting's boring. Go make lunch!


>Sacchin: Make lunch. And tea!


>Sacchin: Pack extra sandwiches/tuna fish/onigiri/instant curry noodles/whatever they eat to bring with you on your adventure!!


"Your wits are those of a nine-year-old accepting commands from people over the internet."
I first laughed and then found it kinda disturbing.


>Sacchin: Become the void that consumes lunch.


Commands? I don't do that! No, I SUGGEST that you shake the Yin-Yang Orb to see if it does anything. Maybe there's a hamster youkai in it? Why does it bounce around out of control? The answers must be known!


Looks like she's already a few steps ahead of where Reimu was when she started out. After all, Sacchin seems to be able to -touch- the Yin-Yang Orb.

Why is recaptcha giving images instead of words that doesn't even make

Cirno the Prodigy

>Sacchin: Attach Yin-Yang orb to Gohei and MAKE A FLAIL AND BECOME UNSTOPPABLE!!1!

Random idea is random


>Sacchin: Admire picture next to the box.

>Kyono: Remember to turn off caps lock before attempting to post anything. Derp.


>Sacchin: Add the box the CODEC came in to your inventory. You never know what presents you may need to give to people.


>Sacchin: Add empty boxes to inventory. Add seemingly useless pieces of paper to inventory. Try to sneak Reimu's better spell cards into inventory.

Random person of randmoness

>Cirno: Develop "Apocalyptic Sign: Ice Nine"
>Sacchin: Develop new Spell Card that involves cheese.


>Sacchin: Add Hakurei Shrine to inventory! can't do that? Uh...

>Sacchin: What you MEANT to do was grab all the necessary items that you'll need for lunch. Commence in culinary creations!


>Sacchin: After lunch equip your Gohei and use it to smack the Yin-Yang Orb at anyone that gets in your way.

On another note

>Sacchin: Make lunch and tea before going into INCIDENT MODE like Reimu normally does.

And just for the random lols

>Suika: Pester Sacchin to see if she's ready to go out on her own.

>Cirno: Act like a genious for once.

>Okuu: Maintain the reactor core as you'd normally would with your girlfriend Cirno.

>Marisa: Sense that someone has be sent out to steal the preshious things that you've stolen over the years.


>Sacchin: Add Hakurei Shrine to inventory!

Wait...You can't do that? Uh...

>Sacchin: What you MEANT to do was grab all the necessary items that you'll need for lunch. Commence in culinary creations!


Caroll is probably part of setting up the challenge. And we know what Kon is in trouble for.

Sacchin: new spellcard. bishonen sign [Summon Distraction]


>Sacchin: Test out what reimu was saying about bouncing they yin-yang ball around with the gohei...


>Parsee: complain that you're not important to the plot.


>Sacchin: Check inventory - other than Evil Sealing Circle, what spell cards do you have going?

(My apologies if this has already been mentioned, but I don't recall seeing it.)


>Sacchin: Go to secret underground shrine below the floorboards and get the secret weapon stored down there...or just get some K(appa)-type rations, never know when hunger will strike again...or need to feed a kappa


>Sacchin: Test yin-yang orb for bounciness; it HAS been some time since it was crafted, after all.

Also, see if Grandma Reimu'll play you in Pong with it after mission is complete.


>Sacchin: Forget to wait and accept the mission now.


>Sacchin: throw away the gift wrappings. Don't want Reimu to nag at you about later...


Only seven inventory slots, what the heck!? D:
Now we can't collect all that phat lewt later on in the story... T^T

>Sacchin: Lunch. Make it. NAO!