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Rin Satsuki is one of your grandmother's friends. She is a youkai belonging to the magician species, and she also possesses the healing powers of a kirin. You are vaguely aware that she has died approximately twice, the first time staying dead (or whatever) for thirty-one centuries. You have no idea how of any this works, but you this doesn't bother you that much; being nine years old is all about not having any idea how things work. You're ... basically friends, you guess, as far as you can be friends with an adult.

Yes, you've noticed that her family name is pronounced the same way as your given name; however, they use entirely different kanji. It's probably just a coincidence without any meaningful explanation, even on the level a Create.swf-user borrowing the name of a dummied-out character, not knowing she would eventually want to actually use this character.


Saigyouji Yuyuko is Yukari's closest friend. You are entirely aware that she has died precisely once, and she is now a ghost princess, presiding over Hakugyokuro, the local afterlife. You are fairly certain that she is one of the most intelligent individuals in Gensokyo. Nobody could genuinely be that relentlessly foolish and silly, and still command Yukari's friendship and respect in addition to ... whatever it is that a Princess of the Netherworld is supposed to do. Her appetite for shenanigans is matched only by her ... well, her appetite. You don't really know her all that well.

You cannot prove that either of these characters will or will not have any significant bearing on this story.

> Sacchin: Find rice to make some onigiri.

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