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CSA0462: Reimu: Youkai mountain. Now.


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Shenanigans in a Magical Forest


Good news! You can actually SEE AT NIGHT now! Which is to say, you can see better than you could, oh, about seventeen years ago. And this is a GOOD THING, because if TEAM has actually messed with the SPELL CARD RULES, it's time for NO MORE MISS NICE MIKO. Yeah, to be honest, in many ways the system is COMPLETE BULLSHIT. But you wouldn't have it any other way.

You try to send along a message to YUKARI to tell her what's up, and get no response. Typical.

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Bullshit or not, Reimu made it, and won't let others think they can bypass it XD

Formica Archonis

Reimu's secret carrot garden suddenly comes to light.

Tewi Inonymous

In many ways the system is complete bullshit

Which is why people should stop following the rules.

Formica Archonis

Which is why people should stop following the rules.

Like whacking someone in the back of the head?

Problem is, the rules are for everyone's protection, heroes and villains both, and without them everyone's at risk. Gensokyo must have seen quite the renaissance this generation since if this number of powerful spellcasters and other supernatural beings had appeared in a time when combat was a free-for-all, the entire place would be a smoking crater.

The rules keep the peace, and Reimu has enough raw power that she could make things very unpleasant for rule breakers.


Yukari is either asleep or already at Team (8) headquarters watching the fun through a gap and chowing on snacks.


Which is why people should stop following the rules.

Screw the rules, I made them!