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Touhou Nekokayou #65: Catness, part 3


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Touhou Nekokayou: Scarlet Weather Archive in Japanese Red #65

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Characters: Remilia Scarlet, Sakuya Izayoi, Koishi Komeiji, Reimu Hakurei

The Dreaded Continuity ... um ... continues! Story begins here.

So, mew. I've got several different ideas for where to go with this now. I only have a shaky idea of which one(s) to use, though. I may or may not have something more concrete in mind by Saturday.

This is the background for the last panel, thrown together in fifteen minutes using a Photoshop tutorial, though I started going off and doing my own thing once I understood the principles; it works in CS2, anyway. So, um, crediting me would be nice if you wanted to use it for some reason. Unless KirbyM steals it.


  1. (Sakuya and Remilia in the SDM hallway.)
    Sakuya: Well, Flandre's back in her bedroom now ...
    Remilia: And Patchouli couldn't figure out anythign about whatever spell made her a cat. I guess I'll have to send you to investigate.
  2. Sakuya: Are you sure, Milady? This doesn't seem life-threatening, we could have the Shrine Maiden deal with it ...
    Sakuya SFX: You care about her that much, huh?
    Remilia SFX: Shush!
  3. (A cheerful cat-eared Koishi wanders by them, invisible.)
    Sakuya: Well, regardless, I suppose I'd better get ready to go out, then.
    Remilia: (curtly) *Thank* you.
    Koishi SFX: sneaking by with subconsciousness barrier
  4. Narration box: And so, there was "And so ..."
    (Sakuya flies through the sky.)
    Sakuya: (thought cloud) I'll have to recruit the shrine maiden and the witch anyway, I suppose ...
  5. (Reimu, with cat ears and a tail, flies up coming the other way.)
  6. (She arrives by Sakuya.)
    Sakuya: Ah, so it isn't limited to the Mansion, and you know who the culprit is?
    Reimu: Huh? I dunno, I just thought it was the kind of thing Yukari would do. What did you mean about the Mansion?
  7. Text: ......
  8. (Reimu and Sakuya at the Shrine.)
    Reimu: So ... a bunch of people were turning into cats -- it wasn't just me ...
    Sakuya: And I thought you and Marisa would want to help investigate, since you're Gensokyo's premier Incident-solvers.
  9. (Reimu's ears perk up.)
    Reimu: You flatter me because it's true! Also, do you know what this means!?
    SFX: perk
    Sakuya: Um, tell me.
  10. (Closeup of Reimu with that creepy sound-test face against a "fanfare"-ish background, with the upper half of Sakuya's face visible.)
    Sakuya: Um, okay, the Geyser Incident was less than a year ago. Could you not act like you're physically addicted to Incidents, please?

All Touhou characters are © Team Shanghai Alice and/or ZUN; create.swf is ⑨ KirbyM with help from Thefre. "Sakura petals" brush in main/4koma logo was made by Kisara Girl. "Falling leaves" brush in 60-Years logo came with Photoshop.

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Spirit Tsunami

Also, it never ceases to amaze me how stupid the lyrics to "Neko Miko Reimu" really are.

Same sum, opposite order.

Dizzy H. Muffin

He didn't have a username before, so he was just Anonymous. I just threw a "put 'Tewi Inonymous' as his name" for all instances of his email address.

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