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2010/12/11 (Villainmad): She may not look like much, kid, but she's got it where it counts.

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Every graphics engine looks different when you fire it up for the first time without doing anything; most of them require that you first specify the window-size, but there are usually defaults. In the XNA Studio, it is simply this:


It feels like I've come a long way. Well ... using Game Maker, it took a couple of weeks or so to get from barely wrapping my head around the tutorial that came with Game Maker to forming the one-third functional danmaku-engine. Using XNA, It's taken me a little over a week to get from that Cownflower Blue empty window to ... a background-frame with a scrolling cloudy background:


You can download it here. Oh, hey, the icon is Lexy Striker. Minimum requirements are DirectX 9, a graphics card with I think Shader Model 1.1, XNA Framework Redist 4.0, and probably .NET Framework 2.0 ... oh, and about 16 MB of RAM, don't ask me what it's even all doing.1 It runs on my Crappy Lappy, which is old enough that it'll probably run on anything (for a given value of "anything"). By which I mean, if you meet the stated requirements and it still doesn't run on your machine, the reasons will be even more obscure and headachey.

The Company Name

You may notice that the "company name" on the EXE file is "No Worry Neverfear." This is because I personally am the one making it, and am answerable to nobody regarding its creation. For this reason, I the creator will have no worries about, nor will I ever fear, the possibility that I'll lose my intellectual property over stupid things, and you the players will have no worries about, nor will you ever fear, the possibility that I'll saddle my games with DRM that will harm legitimate customers more than it harms the pirates. I mean, I intend to release Villainmad itself for free, but once I do start selling games, you have my guarantee as long as I use the No Worry Neverfear label.

1Which isn't an invitation to tell me, either. :P

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If I may make a recommendation, try to think up a good scheme for storing data about bullet patterns. Hard-coding every bullet pattern is a sloppy solution, and a bad scheme for constructing bullet patterns will lead to your game being inflexible.
Of course, if you already have a good idea, then all the better. Just saying that from the perspective of someone who put together a danmaku game on a lark also.

Good luck with figuring all this programming stuff out, anyway! At least C# is probably easier to learn to start out with than C++. Gets rid of a lot of the memory management things, which can be pretty damn hard on beginners.


I just realized after posting that that I was implying you are making this "on a lark", and I wish to state that I in no way want to suggest that you are making this game on the suggestion of a bird! Sorry if it came across that way!



By which I mean, if you meet the stated requirements and it still doesn't run on your machine, the reasons will be even more obscure and headachey.

dont worry, obscure and headachey is my specialty... it is my job, after all ;)

but anyway looking good so far! :) hey I can throw that test example of the bullet manager I did the other day your way to look at (to look over what I ended up coding after my rant, or if nothing else see how stressing your Crappy Lappy goes) if you want, let me know.

bullet's are emitted programatically nearly all the time. you have one or more emitters and the instructions (most often consisting of just math equations), and they either follow a set path of points/curves for a while or are set free to ride off on their own.

Dizzy H. Muffin

Yeah ... At the moment, I'm probably going to hardcode a few things just for test-purposes (like I did with one version of the 1945-thing which just spewed bullets in all directions), before moving on to setting up actual proper scripting-stuff and the like.


Bullets aren't just directions! There's all kinds of stuff to make the players hate you, like bullets that turn into other bullets, bullets that split into multiple bullets, bullets that change other bullets as they pass (like that one "astronomical entrapment" or whatever spellcard Eirin has, or those Fairy Wars spellcards where the three fairies turn bullets into fireballs), etc etc. If you have a good system for those you can really go to town on your poor players.
Of course, I guess having a good system for special bullets like those isn't too important unless you are intending to make something with a focus on user-generated content like Fraxy.


well yes, i was overgeneralizing and skipping over extra properties, but at the end of the day thats all they really are. dodging the bullets is simply reactionary, but when you understand what they are doing, you won't have to ;)

Dizzy H. Muffin

Psh, you don't need to have over-complexity and changing-bullets and craziness in order to make players hate you! Just ask Hibachi! OH THAT'S RIGHT, YOU CAN'T, BECAUSE YOU DIED ALMOST INSTANTLY!