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The World's Worst Touhou Pun


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From The New Touhou Character Alternate Interpretation Compendium:


I'm having a hard time motivating myself since I came down with the con flu, but I'll try to get a write-up done today.

Super Dimensionman

Maybe you should go outside and get some con air.


I'm sorry, but I preferred Cage in Lunatic Runagate.

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I don't get it.

Kitsune Inari

It's a Multiple Reference Pun. I guess you'll already know what a Convention is, so see Con Flu, Con Air, Nicolas Cage and CiLR, and perhaps I missed something more. You're welcome.
(Usual TvTropes warning goes here)


Thanks and also I am already a troper.


Once it got linked directly to in one of the other threads, my response was *flips table at the sight*
I wonder waht the reactions from some of the Touhou characters themselves would be?


Indeed, I found this site through... that one.


Even knowing everything Kitsune linked to, it still took me a while and multiple re-readings to make the 'Cage' link.
Now my brain wishes I hadn't tried. Assuming you were exaggerating was my first mistake.

Henix Aurorus

That is a very clever joke. It took me a few reads to get it (no, I did not read the comments), but I got it.


Pun Cirno would be proud...

Seriously, though. This is the worst one you could find? That thread is full of the worst punslingers on the Internet.