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Everywhere Quest #0028: Grabbity


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> Attempt to initiate combat so you can counter whatever he's doing by figuring it out and doing something to stop it(Detective?)

Nah, it's good, you don't need to specifically be in combat to roll against someone else's actions.

> Attempt to grab him to keep him here.

You roll for Detective: <6><1> + 14 = 21. Prayer's Mania uses his Psyche! Perk to read your mind and anticipate your action, giving himself a +12 bonus, and rolls for Agility (which is level 14, tier 2): <2><2> + 12 + 14 = 30.

Before you can even move or even start detectiving the best way to grab him, you find yourself lifted off the ground, surrounded by the green glowy shit.

BY THE WAY! It's no use trying to attack me directly, because I can just read your mind and see what you're going to do before you do it. And no, you CAN'T do something

With that, he throws you back out over the pier. You feel the distinct sensation of crashing into another human being — a woman, to be precise — who catches you and blocks your fall. It's a rosy-faced, slightly chubby woman, with a wreath of snapdragons in her frizzly red hair and wearing a muumuu that's tie-dyed orange and black.

She speaks with a stereotypical stoner drawl: "Scuse me, sister." Yes, a stereotypical stoner drawl is totally Comic Sans.

Oh fuck fuck FUCK FUCK FUCK NOT YOU! How long have YOU been here!?

"Whaaaaaat, you s'prised that one of us'd come 'n' see whassup with a Chaos Dunk?" she says as she sets you down. She gives you a wink, as if this whole thing was the biggest joke in the world. "Ah'm Baroness Furymurder, nice t'meetcha."

"Um, hi," you say, narrowing your eyes. "I'm Jenny Everywhere."

She nods, and then turns and steps towards Prayer's Mania. The back of her dress shows a peace symbol with the upper-right two-thirds broken off. "Heyyyy, Pee Em, my husband an' me almost figured out how to get by your mindreadin', we'll be turnin' yer innards into yer outards purty soon!"


Baroness Furymurder jabs a finger at him. "It's not ironic, it's satire," she says in a more normal voice. "We're hippies, not hipsters. We actually understaaaand irony." Then her demeanor suddenly changes Jekyll-and-Hyde style. "NOW DIE!"

Two things happen: Prayer's Mania vanishes in a puff of green glowy shit. A split second later, fast enough that they almost seem simultaneous, a bolt of fire shoots out of Baroness Furymurder's finger, piercing through where Prayer's Mania was a second ago.

Baroness Furymurder sort of deflates; the momentary sense that she was living up to her title is gone. "Eh." She turns back to you, evidently dropping the hippie routine as well. "So, hi," she says. She doesn't exactly sound like it's meant to be a friendly greeting.

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>"Ummm... hi?" Consider evasion tactics in case she decides to attack you for whatever reason.


Ponder why everyone you meet is a weirdo.


> Jenny: Detective - Try to understand what the f*ck just happened, with the help of at least one of your other-dimension-sisters' knowledge about magic.