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Everywhere Quest #0019: Hunter Scavenge


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> Mention the possibility of the Gear being modified to be remotely controlled.

"Any way to tell if it was remote-controlled?" you ask. "I mean, not that the damn thing was exactly passing the Turing test ..."

Hal looks to Cheryl. "Any radio transmissions?"

"No, not even when we were direclty in line-of-sight," says Cheryl, "and it wouldn't have worked while it was underwater, anyway."

Hal nods. "What about you, CD?"

"No sign of any sympathetic magic," says Richard Devilish, Jr. "That shit's really well-defended, almost more than its cyberbrain," he adds for your benefit, "They do not wanna lose contact if they're usin' that."

"What about psychically?" you say. "Prayer's Mania had a chat with me, and he seemed to be keeping track of where I was."

"Oh, well in that case," says Richard Devilish, Jr., "there's no fucking way we could possibly know."

> Jenny: Use Detective and see what compiles and contains the magic and, if possible, scavenge for possible future uses.
> Try to get some of the scrap metal to sell for, well, scrap.

You roll for Detective: <6><2> + 10 = 18.

You examine the wreckage. You certainly find a bunch of weird sparkly shit. You can't really tell what it could be useful for besides scrap, though; it's too shapeless.

"Yeah I got nothin'," says Richard Devilish, Jr., concluding his investigation. "The magic stuff's gone inert, too, I don't even think the Army grunts'll need gloves when they come to pick it up."

Hal nods, and says, "I suppose Miss Everywhere gets salvage dibs, then," she says.

"Sure," you say.

You obtained Scrap Metal x4 and Weird Sparkly Shit x2.

Hal frowns. "Speaking of which, where is the military?" she says. "Not that I'm against picking up some ... barter that they wouldn't miss before they get here, but I would've thought they'd be mobilized by now ..."

"I'll get in touch with MCHQ to see if they know they're doing anything," says Cheryl, and she turns away, putting a hand on her forehead.

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>Use Brains to assemble Scrap Metal and Weird Sparkly Shit


Generate new capability: Crafting

> Jenny: Ask about themselves and about MCHQ for more information and negate suspicion.