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Everywhere Quest #0013: Mechazaud Gear


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> Can we use some other Jenny's magical knowledge to 'splode the thing before it finishes emerging, or does the Jenny we're playing have no magical affinity?

Unfortunately, no; superpowers other than Shifting have never really lent themselves to your concept.

> Lets calculate the way people are going, and go in another direction from that.
> And maybe try to avoid the less affluent parts of town, if shit's gonna get smashed, we'll let it be rich people's shit.

While you're inclined to agree, the problem is that the only direction people seem to be going is into the town; you can't see any specific destination they might be going for. So instead, you move parallel to the water, and end up heading off the boardwalk and onto the sandy beach. The Mechazaud Gear follows you.

> Find out what Mechazaud Gear looked like.

A twenty-foot-tall mecha resembling an orange bowlegged crocodile leaps out of the water, and lands directly in front of you on its hind legs, sending up plumes of sand. Its feet are wide and circular and look sort of like hooves with claws. It has large wrecking balls at the ends of its forearms ... wait, no, they look more like basketballs. Its head appears to open up into four segments, i.e. the upper and lower parts separate like jaws, and they also split horizontally. It's covered in bulky, angular, segmented armor. On its stomach, you see the text:


And spraypainted below that in red:


"Oh, well, not like I needed a reason to stay," you mutter.

> Attempt to communicate to whatever it is.

You give B-Gator a friendly half-wave half-salute. "Sup."

It raises its head to the heavens and opens its mouth, and lets out a roar that sounds partly like a lion and partly like an engine revving.

"And here I was, expecting something really dangerous, not a remote-controlled basketball monster," you say. "Or do you just have video game AI?"

B-Gator pounds its ball-hands together twice, leans down, and roars directly at your face. You manage not to flinch too hard.

> Take a deep breath, remove regrets, and face whatever-that-is head on with the bravery she had to face the mechazowd.

You shrug. "Eh. You aren't even the toughest-looking boss I've fought, even considering I have no prep time."

Combat in Everywhere RPG:
All actions must specify one of Jenny's Capabilities or Qualities used to perform the action. If no Capability seems relevant, use General Competence instead. The Capability must be appropriate to the action you are performing (you can't use Brawn for "thinking it through"). It must also be appropriate for the current situation lest you incur penalties to the dice roll, unless you are really creative with it. You then roll against your opponent's opposing action. The loser of each exchange has the Capability they used decrease by the difference of the dice result (up to 6); you lose when you have any Capability at 0 or less.

The concept of Mechazaud Gear is available for use by anyone, with only one condition. This paragraph must be included in any publication involving Mechazaud Gear, that others might use this property as they wish. All rights reversed.


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Use SCIENCE! to analyze its weak spots and increase your rolls to the other stats.


"What?! They have a Mechazaud Gear? Here?!"

>Use Agility to attempt a Zandatsu.


>Is it possible to use Shifting to teleport (you know, "Shift two feet to the left" or the like)? If so, do that to dodge its attacks until it runs out of power. Otherwise, just dodge using Agility.


Utilize Pulchritude to goad the robot into striking the nearest hard-looking object. Even if that happens to be the Mechazowd Gear itself.

Dizzy H. Muffin

Crap, I forgot to put Jenny's General Competence on her character sheet. I've just hurriedly went back and fixed it. Actual upd8 will come shortly!