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Everywhere Quest #0008: The Soup Thickens


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> Attempt to remember any time in the recent past you have felt anything similar to this "something".

You aren't sure, but you think somebody with psychic powers was watching you. ... Yeah there's no way it isn't Prayer's Mania.

> Observe the diner for any suspicious activity and/or green text.
> Look around for suspicious-looking folk.

You glance around. Everyone seems normal, except for one guy — sitting alone in a booth, there's a midget with a villainous-looking handlebar moustache and an oversized chin, arguing with someone on his cell phone while he eats. He's dressed almost identically to Slinus Segall, with the addition of a bowler hat. You notice that he has to sit in a booster chair. You also notice that you're not the only other customer giving him askance looks.

> Try to get that weird feeling you had for a second again.

You focus ... and ... nope, Prayer's Mania doesn't seem to be "looking" at you anymore.

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> Wait for food. If something's about to go down it will probably come to you.


>Don't let the short guy distract you from your surroundings- he might be someone else entirely. (That said, don't let your guard down around him, either.)

In hindsight, it probably would've been a good idea to get that guy's description from Slinus while we had the chance...