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Everywhere Quest #0007: Mealtime


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> Order a medium cup of Dr. Rum-Bull

Tempting, but you'd rather not have any amount of alcohol in you with Prayer's Mania on the loose. Besides, you'd get carded, which is always a pain when Shifting through the multiverse ...

> Bonk! Atomic Punch. One.

"I'll have a Bonk to start with."

"Cherry Fission or Blutonium Berry?" asks the waitress.

"Blutonium Berry," you say.

"Arright," she says, and retreats.

> Grease-y Burger

What? That's not even a pun. Characteristic of a place called "Fin Dining," though, notwithstanding that burgers are an odd choice for someone visiting a seafood restaurant.

> Order a Reefy Salad.

This is practically a meal in its own right. It's greenleaf lettuce, flounder, and croutons (which you assume are a metaphor for the coral reefs in question).

> Barbara Streisandwich. No, really.

This appears to be a relatively unassuming tuna sandwich. However, according to a sidebar on the menu, in January of 2004 a multinational seafood chain accused them of stealing one of their recipes, and sued Fin Dining for $50 million. The case was thrown out of court, and Fin Dining's business received a massive surge, never to recede back to its pre-2004 levels. You surmise that, between the fact that this was one month after Barbara Streisand's infamous lawsuit was also thrown out of court, and the identical sum of money, some wags in the news and/or on the internet must have called it a "Streisandwich", and the name stuck. You notice it comes in a tinfoil wrap.

The waitress returns with the characteristic hazardous-looking soda can. "Here you go," she says.

"Thanks," you say. "I'm ready to order now. I'll have the Greasy-y Burger, the Reefy Salad, and, uh ..."


"... I'll have the Streisandwich to go on my way out," you finish. That's strange ... for a second you thought you felt ... something ...

She nods. "All good choices!" She lowers her voice and adds, "I see the look on your face, though, tinfoil doesn't work on PM, he can just pull it off your head."

You nod slowly. "I'll have it anyway."

"Okay, then," she says, and retreats to deliver the order to the kitchen so that it may be enacted. You sip your soda with a frown.

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Observe the diner for any suspicious activity and/or green text.


>Attempt to remember any time in the recent past you have felt anything similar to this "something".