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Everywhere Quest #0002: The Basics


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> Retrieve arms from leather satchel

Your chest is about average — oh, wait, you didn't get Maidens of the Kaleidoscope's meme-command.

> Check the sky for UFOs. Shifting into the middle of an alien invasion = BAD.

Nothing yet, as far as you can see. You've learned not to rule the possibility out, however.

> Watch the possibly-setting sun.

It's definitely setting. Looks like there's more mountainous terrain off to the west.

> We inherited our goggles. Are we an orphan?

No, it's more of a long-term loan.

> What is our heritage?

Your heritage is pretty awesome. Unfortunately, your mother has made disappearing into a long-term habit. (You suppose your ability to Shift, if not your prevalence, has something to do with weird comic-book genetics.)

> Is the metropolis in fact New York?

You glance towards the east for signs of Lady Liberty, exploded or otherwise. There's definitely a harbor off thataway, but the complete lack of any familiar landmarks reinforces your supposition, back in the third paragraph of the first page, that this city is merely like New York.

> Look over the side of the building for a restaurant to eat at.

You're like 50 floors up. Nothing particularly stands out at this height; you can't see the city for the skyscrapers. Oh well, time to head on down.

> Fall down the stairs.

Fortunately, you have received sufficient warning that this is not on the table.

> Story advancing stuff: Happen

Before you can decide whether to take the stairs or just jump off or something, the door to the stairwell opens and a granite-faced gentleman steps out. He's smartly dressed in all black, except for the diamond-studded brass knuckles, and he sizes you up as if trying to decide how dangerous you are. "Thought the boys detected a dimensional disturbance," he says gruffly, but without rancor or threat.

"I wouldn't say that's wrong," you say. "The name's Jenny Everywhere."

"Slinus Segall," he says. "They call me the Dragging Dirk."

"The Shifter, here."

He nods. "Welcome to Brighton City," he says, in a conversational tone. "Just so y'know, you landed on the building o' the Mercenary Consortium — we only pick sides when the money's good. You don't try to kill us, even if we're workin' for your mortal enemy, and we won't go outta our way to kill you."

> _

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>See if you can get any useful info out of Slinus. Questioning the (non-hostile) locals about recent events is SOP, isn't it?


>Ask him where he got such a cool nickname.