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CSA0829: Sacchin: Examine GIANT NAIL.


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You examine the Shishigami Nail. You have no idea what the fuck this is. Some kind of weapon? Which is also equippable in the Back Slot? You don't even know what you want to do with this thing.

Man. First there was "shikigami" (familiars), then there was "shinigami" (reapers and ferriers of the dead), and now something's called "Shishigami." You begin to suspect some sort of pattern.

> Sacchin: Examine doll.

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Kaze Koichi

A 9-year old girl should be ashamed of using such language.


Why did I know it was going to be Bang Shishigami's Phoenix: Rettenjou?


Say it with me: S-I-S-I-G-A-M-I! SHISHIGAMI... BANG, BANG!!!