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CSA0811: Meimu: Open aperture. Retrieve Cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeen for fox-distractionary purposes.


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Yeah, no. That might have worked 40 years ago, but way before you were born, Chen Yakumo went for a boost to her Maturity Attribute, which basically dumped her Cuteness in favor of Pulchritude, and also maxed out her Majyyks at the expense of Imagination. Bottom line is, there's no chance that Ran will succumb to unfathomable cutethirst any time soon. (In one of her less-hostile moments, Ran said she thought this was a vast improvement in every other way, which you can't understand because this works out all the worse for you.)

This would be bad enough, but having them in the same room together would power both of them up due to their shikigami bond, and even with the size of your ego, that is not a fight you're expecting to win.

> Meimu: Claim ownership of the room you are currently in. Then you'll be in your room.

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Oh come on. Adult Chen's cuteness may indeed be lower, but it isn't that low!
She is still definitely "CHEEEEEEEEEEN!!!!" worthy, even if not to a paralyzing degree anymore.


Okay while she's still not as cute as before, but she does have a look of femininity towards her, so Ran might not goes into nosebleed CHEEEEENNN modeo here like I orignally hoped for.