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CSA0805: Meimu: What spellcards do you have?


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Let's see, there Border Sign Edge of Darkness, which is fairly straightforward. (It wasn't actually an intentional reference to the phrase "darker and edgier.") Then there's Edge Sign Edge of Hearing, which is all about circular waves which fade in and out seemingly randomly, which seemed like a good idea when you came up with it in your head. You have a few Time Signs, but they only work in Gap Land, which you have no intention of entering ever again so screw them.

Also, at some point you appear to have come up with Edge Sign Youkai's View of Topology, Life and Death Four Edges of the Netherworld, Navy-Blue Generation, and Evil Spirits Meimu's Spiriting Away (that last one is based on one of your mother's Spell Cards). You binged on creating all of them at once for no particular reason.

Your Spell Cards tend to use dark bullets. All of them have some sort of edge, of course.

> Meimu: Go to the place where everyone else is going. Especially before her...

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Well that was awesome.

Love the spellcard names, btw :P