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CSA0787: Meimu: Grab the edge of the picture you are in and climb out.


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There is a fallacious idea among Touhou theorists that if a special ability is defined as "manipulation of X" (i.e. "manipulation of boundaries" or "manipulation of ice"), then this automatically and necessarily translates to a complete and unlimited command of the aspect in question, given the right amount of creativity on the part of the theorists, regardless of that character's defined or demonstrated use of the ability in canon.

For instance, there's idea that Cirno (as a simple ice fairy, that is, not the changed version who exists only within the bounds of this weird fanfiction) should be able to produce heat, and lower temperatures to absolute zero, if she were to just put her mind to it; this is in spite of the fact that she is a mere fairy who would not have the raw power necessary to do either of the above. There's also the conjecture that Yukari Yakumo is functionally omnipotent, given that her ability is stated to cover "the boundary between mountain and sky" or "between night and day", and the number of things one could rules-lawyer into being considered as a "boundary"; this unfortunately ignores the many ... limitations which are displayed in canon, such as the ... difficulties in getting to the moon ... and ... Yukari is actually a bad example, because she is functionally omnipotent given her immense hax! You can tell this is a true fact because it is presented by the omniscient narration.

Anyway, let's skip to the bottom line: you're neither powerful nor knowledgeable enough to mess around with the Fourth Wall.

> Meimu: A Shanghai Doll? Eh, what the hell. Call her.

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