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CSA0766: -=->


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0708-Loading.gif: Girls are now preparing.
Please watch warmly.

Girls are now preparing.
Please watch warmly.

Unfortunately, there's a loading screen in the way. It looks like the act of taking off and flying away isn't really finished, and you'll have to wait a little while before you can even send in any new commands! Whoops.

> [S] Carroll: Go for it.

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Dizzy H. Muffin

And on that note, it is hiatus time.


Well enjoy your break from all of this, and I hope to see you back in action when you're good and ready to do so.


>Audience: Watch warmly


Awww dangit...

Oh well....

Muffen=> have a good afternoon.

Henix Aurorus

>Everyone: Wait patiently for hiatus to end while eating delicious, delicious donuts.


Did it have to be the Sonic 06 loading screen?! D8 That's the worst loading screen. *cries*

Take your time, Sir Muffin, we'll wait warmly until you're ready.


Watching warmly... the very best kind of watching. Speaking of watching and hidden things, I have a feeling Shinki's involved in this somehow...