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You chase Shanghai around to the back of the house, where she makes a stand.

Your duels with your big sister tend to involve one Spell Card each. The reasoning is that it makes it more exciting for both of you, and also (you suspect) because she tends to win more often early on, whereas you're better in the long-term.

> [Aggress] Carroll: Let her get the first attack off, but dodge it gracefully.

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Jays Hackworth

"You fight like a zoo keeper!"


how appropriate, you fight like a cow.

Did we ever get a list of Carroll's spells? Or did she pick other mom's pocket for mini-hakkero?


>Carroll: Unleash... Imouto Sign - Moé Moé Kyuun~


>Use Nebula Sign "Gathering Stardust"

I figure that Stars are born from nebulas so Marisa's daughter would have a Nebula spell card. The Hard/Lunatic version is "Starfire Formation"


>Carroll: Unleash... Imouto Sign - Moé Moé Kyuun~

Thu'um of a Distant Utopia?


>Carroll: Back off and play to defence, takeing advantage of you enduance style fighting to survive the initial Blitzkrege.


>Carroll: Lass with wings there, 500 rounds rapid.
(Yes, I know that reference was already made in the last series. I just like Doctor Who, ok?)


>Carrol Kirisame: Not Quite So Hax Sign - Doll Destruction Ray!


>Carroll: [Little Sister] Cage of Lasers


>Carroll: [Youth Sign] Apprentice Spark

Kaze Koichi

Let's use Grimoire (of Houses) to attack.
> [Not Forbidden Sign] In Search of the Blue Paint.


Caroll: Use the doll manipulation powers your mother taught you to make Shanghai hit herself.

A chicken passeth by

Carrol:> Captchalog Other at 5 paces. DUEL ONE. ACTION.


[doll sign] stop hitting yourself

Random person of randmoness

>Caroll: Pick up stick.