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CSA0719: Carroll: Open drawer.


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Your father works at KappaTech, and you often get a first look at the weird inventions they make there. Sometimes, they're even at the point of being useful and stable.

Fortunately, your Laptop Magicomputer is a solved problem, as it were. The only new thing is the parental controls, which allow your parents to monitor where you go on the internet, and automatically prevent you from visiting certain websites. The software's primary component is based on magic, which uses common sense rather than rules, and therefore KappaTech's advertisements boast a 99% success rate, rather than the approximate 1% success rate of nonmagical software.

You are completely mystified as to why you'd need such a thing. Are there websites with lots of swearing or something? No solid explanation has ever occurred to you, which your parents apparently think is a good thing.

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Hunter 1

Ah, to be that young and innocent...

Also, a 99% effective parental control program? That really is magic...


Must crack da code! XD

I've got inocent minds to corupt here!