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Chapter 2: Magicians and DollsChapter 2: Magicians and Dolls


You are Carroll Kirisame. You currently in the immature stage of a youkai-magician's life, which means that your body ages like that of a human. You are vaguely aware that your family is highly unconventional, but nobody seems to care, so you don't either. When you were seven years old, in spite of the best efforts of everyone around you, you became obsessed with the color pink, like all seven-year-olds (though fortunately this did not extend to your choice of clothing, which was being made by your mother until fairly recently); however, now that you are eight, you're thinking of changing your bedroom back to being white. Or maybe blue.

Your plans are currently approximately nonexistent; you've done your best not to make any commitments today, because your parents have been putting something together in hushed tones, and evidently want to surprise you. Eight-year-olds tend to be more perceptive than most adults give them credit for, although in their defense, your father tends to begin revelations of such things with "So, you've probably figured it out already, but ..."

Regardless, there's still probably plenty of other things to do which won't interrupt whatever your parents are planning today (yeah, you're pretty sure it's today). You're a magician, after all. What will you do first?

> Carroll: Magic room into blue and white stripes for camouflage.

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>Carroll: Be a Magician, do magic.


>Caroll: Do a Master Spark. Or lasers, at least.

Henix Aurorus

>Carroll: Pull arms out of lamp.

Henix Aurorus

Actually, ignore the above. Wasn't paying enough attention.


>Carroll: Call up Sacchin, catch up on events most recent.


>Carroll: Cast a spell! Cast Magic Missile!

Another Duck

>Carroll: Quickly retrieve A Roster of Magic Spells from bookcase!

Random person of randmoness

>Carroll: Sing a random song out of randomness randomly and redundantly.


is Rumia around? you know casting magic missile must be done at the darkness

Kaze Koichi

Saw this coming a mile away.

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