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Shenanigans in a Magical Forest


You are MARISA KIRISAME. You call yourself an ORDINARY WITCH, even though you are approximately the third-biggest name in GENSŌKYŌ, a sealed-away reality which contains many examples of MAGIC, YOUKAI, and MISCELLANEOUS SUPERNATURAL SHENANIGANS. You live in the FOREST OF MAGIC with your wife ALICE MARGATROID, the love of your life. It is mid-morning on June 22, 2019, and you are both at home.

You briefly ponder the fact that your MAGICAL MUSHROOM STEW was cooking for several days, and has now been slowly congealing for another several days. You and ALICE have taken some samples and performed some experiments. The result: it has produced a large amount of NON-DESTRUCTIVE MAGICAL ENERGY. This was somewhat difficult, because you're mostly only good at the other kind. You have 8 SOUL-MUSHROOM POINTS, and your plan for the day is to use them.

You know what you'll do at last.

> [Ending] Marisa: Quickly retrieve arms from Future Masha Spent points on arms.

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> Marisa: Bask in the glow of your star-dom. Or just make some gifts for Masha; either way, don't cause an incident!

Because goodness knows Marisa can cause incidents even with non-destructive energy.


>Aya: Compose scoop.
Now has to be the time for this.

>MAlice: Create a daughter.

Tewi Inonymous

>Soul Energy: Congeal into a blue moeshroom.

You can never have enough moeshroom.


Indeed. The more moeshroom, the better! Masha needs a sister!


> Shanghai: Be truly born.


You even used the Bookends trope. Awesome.


Oh yeahhh, the stew! In all this craziness, I nearly forgot about it!!! xD


MAlice> Analyze soul-mushroom point. Infuse Shanghai with one to test effects, then apply remainder to Shanghai/other dolls as needed.

(Guys, don't forget that Shanghai is older than Carroll... can't create her now, or there'll be a time paradox!)


>Everyone, everywhere: SIMULTANEOUS FEVAH!


At times like this, there can be only one thing to say...
Marisa and Alice: Do it, man. Make it happen.


>MAlice: You have the chemical X, time to get the Sugar, Spice and Everything Nice.


>Aya: Use your Journalist Powers to embleish the coverage of the Incident.

>Yukari: Fondly reguard Ran.

>Ran: Cheeeen. *noesbleed*

>Masha: Work at the shrine for the time being, just to stay on the good side of the Red Miko.

>Marice & Alice: Make out already since no one is watching, aside from the dolls of course.

Formica Archonis

>MAlice: Do it, men. Make this hapen.
>Shanghai: A new life stands ready for you. Ascend.


/ Modified by Dizzy H. Muffin:

Aya is always watching. [Semi-NSFW warning added by Muffin you <insult taken from SBaHJ>]

Kitsune Inari

Work at the shrine for the time being, just to stay on the good side of the Red Miko.

> Muffin: Fondly regard picturing Masha wearing a miko dress.


Marisa: Find Pumpkin, make Pie.

Formica Archonis

> Muffin: Fondly regard picturing Masha wearing a miko dress.

I'm no Muffin, but will this do?

(Size is wrong but it's 2 AM, so brian no wrok rite.)


@Formica Archonis
That is seriously, seriously just a little too cute.
This is why Masha earned the title of "moeshroom".


>Marisa: Wait, before starting, follow the scientific method.
gotta make sure to document your findings for future use.