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CSA0545: Daiyousei: Be Hearts Boxcars.

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Shenanigans in a Magical Forest


DAIYOUSEI cannot be the HORTICULTURAL BLACKNESS because YUUKA is too busy being UNCONSCIOUS. Fortunately, MASHA is also extremely busy being AFFIXED TO SATORI'S BACK where she thinks she will be safe, despite the fact that SATORI is in fact moving closer to the FRAY.

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And so the Masha backpack is put into use by Satori. Kind of fitting if you ask me.


Is there a reference I'm missing? Because I'm confused as all heck...


That makes two of us though. That is if you're asking why this title for this CSA.

Dizzy H. Muffin

In the Midnight Crew Intermission, they were constantly switching perspectives with "Be <name>" (and failing).


Ah makes sense even more now, even though you somehow ninja posted me there Muffin. I almost wanted to do a double post because of you ninja posting me like that. :p


Unconscious Mima: Be oddly adorable.

Spirit Tsunami

Agreed. Unconscious Mima is oddly adorable.


Hmm, its true. strange.