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Shenanigans in a Magical Forest


YASORA's aim has become much more erratic due to her distraction, making her DANMAKU harder to dodge!

> Muffin: Puase. Check Nitori's stats.

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Waidago, Utsuho.


nice job breaking it, hero.


Up side, we get to see Yasora being pestered by our lil' 6-Ball.
Down side, Yasora's shosts do tend to be more sparatic.

In any case.

>Nitori: Use your shield ability to assist Alice.

>Alice: Graize like you've never grazed beofre.

>Marisa: Use another bomb.




Marisa, Alice & Nitori> Begin rattling off the dumbest things you've ever heard.


>Nitori: Check your stats and spellcards.


>Nitori: Use your shield ability to assist Alice.

Er... Nitori has a shield? In any case...
>Team MAlice: Random danmaku bad! Three-prong attack!


Why only attack from the front,
Nitori: Use stealth camo and Flank Yasora


>Nitori: Use stealth camo to flank Yasora and attack from the SIDE.

Really don't want to attack from behind.


Nitori> use stealth and flank from the 3rd dimension >.>


@Chitose: Well if you count her Optical Camoflauge (sp?) as a shield then yes.

>Alice: Go into supprot mode from the rear.

>Nitori: Use Mid support and bring out your options, if you have any.

>Marisa: Use Double Spark on Yasora for the heck of it.


Chitose: Er... Nitori has a shield?

TH11, when playing as MarisaC (Natori), makes your bomb a shield that slowly deteriorates over time. If something hits it, then it acts like a normal bomb and clears all bullets on screen, if nothing hits it because you panicked but didn't need it, then it gives you half the Power used back (since TH11 used power as bomb juice).

Formica Archonis

And this is why, in Doom, you avoided grabbing the blur sphere partial invisibility powerup when confronted with projectile monsters. (In Doom single player, the blur sphere essentially just adds random error to each monster's targeting. This is great for enemies with hitscan weapons like shotguns and chainguns since they are undodgeable. But with projectile weapons the error makes them trickier to dodge since you can't as easily predict where you're not supposed to be. Worst-case scenario the dice roll just wrong a few times in a row and it seems like the monster has learned to lead his shots.)

Rainy Daze

>Alice: Make an incident of yourself to confuse Yasora.


Nitori: get two more people
Alice: Giant sign [Goliath doll] Insist that 5 girls in spandex sentai outfits can only help. Drool at Marisa in tight clothes.
Sanae: go fangirl from afar


>Nitori: Retrieve "EXTENDING ARM".

Tewi Inonymous

>Tewi Inonymous: Don't give up, keep trying to derail the plot.


>Marisa: Use Ritual Sign "Orreries Sun" to deflect them bullets!

>Alice: Hourai Doll, nao!

>Nitori: Kappa-pa-papa-pa Nitori~ Kappa-pa-pa-pa pa Nitori~♪


So despite acting like a jerk that wouldn't follow the spellcard rules, Yasora remembers the golden rule and deliberately made her danmaku dodgeable? I misjudged that little sungod.

Muffin: Puase. Check Nitori's stats.

Magic Team: Focus on defense. We cannot afford to lose any more life right now, and the longer we delay Yasora's next spellcard, the more Utsuho can torture her.

And go Utsuho! Tell that mean body-snatcher who's got more romantic experience!


Nitori: Codec call Sakuya.
Alice: You should use a bomb, just to mix things up a bit.


>Utsuho: regain control of left hand. Slap self.

Or, if that doesn't work...

>Utsuho: think dirty thoughts about Cirno.


Hax sign [Atomic Wedgie]

Dizzy H. Muffin

@OmegaHugger: More like, the game-maker deliberately designed the game to be winnable, but made it so the "make Utsuho distract her" mechanic could go either way! :awesome:


I'm with Tewi on this one. The moeshroom is new. All due respect to Muffin, this is just another incident resolved by danmaku. We've been here.

Masha Kinko: Have an adorable dream about eating some decaying organic matter.

Marissa: 'New' strategy. Bomb abuse. Master Spark.

Tewi Inonymous

And go Utsuho! Tell that mean body-snatcher who's got more romantic experience!

Get em Yasora, don't let them steal your powers for that bird brain again!

>Rarity: Those outfits are so tacky, force everyone to get new fashionable outfits.
>Future Masha: Appear, do something you know didn't happen.
>Present Masha: Wake up, eat the delicious sun crow.
>Past Masha: During tea party explain what's going to happen to reimu.