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Shenanigans in a Magical Forest



Yeah, like that.


> Alice: Take inventory. What do we have for spells and other options?

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With risk of angering the great Muffin.

>Utsuho: Her spellcard's broken! Quickly, give her a piece of your mind.

And just to make this post actually matter.

>Magic Team: So far, Yasora has just been a powered up ⑥. Prepare to seeYasora fly around shooting lines of bullets.


>Marisa and Alice: Keep shooting. Your combined shots can take down her lifebars really fast.


> Marisa & Alice: Be upset about not receiving any green or red squares of mystical powerness from defeating the spellcard.

No, but in all seriousness, I got nothing. :<


>Yasora: Explosion Sign "Not-Fixed Star"

Simply for getting rid of that dead spot :x


Marisa & Alice: Maintain a steady round of fire on yasora since she might do a regular to a spell card attack. (That is if Utsuho will let her of course.)

Docteur Hartmann

Sunflower Fairy: Wander aimlessly in the background without any idea of what's going on.

Tewi Inonymous

>Yasora: Don't lose!




> Utsuho: STUPID HEAD!


Attack while she's in the middle of getting her bearings! Quick!


Alice: Take inventory quick while Yasora prepares another spellcard. What -do- we have for cards and other options (besides the dolls and mini-hakkero of course) anyway?


> Marisa: Cast Magic Missile on the darkness! It'd be funny.
(note: "darkness" being Yasora/Okuu's cape of stars)
> Yasora: Project Shrine Maiden 「Wrath of ZUN」


>Yasora: Creation Sign [Nebula Birth] (Fire stars shown in cape as large amounts of danmaku)
>Marisa: Gloat.
>Shanghai: Gloat.
>Alice: Chide them for gloating, and wonder just how (or why) Shanghai is even gloating in the first place.
>Yasora: Get annoyed that you're being ignored during this exchange.


Marisa: Go pick up point items. Usually the automatic item collection borderline is under the boss' skirt.

Alice: Prepare for Imperishable Night-stile deathbombing if Yasora starts her second non-spellcard attack too fast.


I got to thinking. Yasora has been exposed to 3 of the 4 forbidden templates
Yukari fooling around, Moriya shrine conspiracy, and magic
moon invasion, being fed to Okuu, switching places with Okuu

Erin: Sense you need to make someone take strange medicine later on.


@DiMastine: She got resurrected thanks to imbibing power from a magical mushroom girl. I think that's close enough to "shady new drug" to count.


@-Ed: But Eirin didn't create Masha at all... or did she? In any case the last taboo tablet is about Eirin being invovled somehow. Beside sI think Masha only covers the magic and Yukari portion of this, but Yasora/Okuu only invovles Yukari and the Moriya Shrine. so in a sense we have two parts Yukari, one part Moriya Shrine Co., and one part Magic and this incident has been formed.


>Utsuho: Engage once again in the noble art of Freestyle Slam Poetry. Please.


/ Modified by Dizzy H. Muffin:

From Muffin's tweet:

Today, I will use my author-of-a-forum-adventure powers for evil.

Oh no! What are you going to do? Kill everyone off? Stop the story right here with no conclusion? Intentionally leave plot threads hanging? Ban everyone who has posted before? Shut down the site? Make everyone act out of character? Ignore posters entirely (not doing the opposite of what they say, but rather [muffinfix'd] acting as if you never read them at all? Make the next part be an all cast dance number and call that the end?

...I fear what is coming...