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Shenanigans in a Magical Forest



[How to play this looped: 1. download beginning-and-loop (OGG Vorbis MP3 (WARNING, will sound bad unless your music player has "remove silence at beginning/end" functionality) 2. Load "beginning" and "loopington" files in a music player which can seamlessly transition between tracks in that order; 3. Start playing looped 4. remove "beginning" file ... man I need to come up with something better than this.]

> Marisa/Alice: Team attack.

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Docteur Hartmann

Bduh? Hey, it should be easier...


Create.swf Adventures Reader: Just hit play on the music thingy and open the next command in a new tab, because you're too lazy to download anything.


Marisa and Alice did some epic graze from the bottom part to the top part between yasoras danmaku. Good Job >:3

Formica Archonis

404 Not Found

I dunno what you were trying to do, but the requested URL /csa/ was not found on this server.

Spirit Tsunami

Wow. Awesome work, Muffin.


Enlong: Boggle at the 404 messages

Dizzy H. Muffin

there I fixed it :P

And yeah, I need some kinda flash player that can do this on its own ... >.>;

Formica Archonis

MOD music, baby! (That's one of the things it can do really easily.:)


Shadow12000: Download mp3 and use Audacity to just create longer mp3 file with some slight editing, since you're much more use to that.

Dizzy H. Muffin

@Formica Archonis: Uh-huh. How about something which can play the music I am using? :P

Formica Archonis

@Formica Archonis: Uh-huh. How about something which can play the music I am using? :P

Details, details. ;)