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CSA0487: Reimu: Go 4-on-1, win anyway.


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Shenanigans in a Magical Forest



Your attempt was an overwhelming success.

FANTASY HEAVEN is a LAST WORD SPELL CARD, above and beyond all other types; they are fuelled by one's own LIFE FORCE, and usually require a phenomenal amount of power and concentration just to keep oneself from passing out after they finish. This one enables you to float in the air away from REALITY ITSELF, and is therefore also a TIMEOUT CARD, in which the user is invulnerable to DANMAKU from their opponents, who must simply weather it out (under the SPELL CARD RULES, all DANMAKU PATTERNS must run on a TIMER, and when it runs out, the pattern ends as if you had been hit; this enables battle to progress even if both sides are particularly good at dodging).

This variation is five times as powerful, ten times as dense, and doesn't have a TIMER, because you're allowed to do that sort of thing when they've broken the SPELL CARD RULES.

> Strife Modus: CONVERSE -Running- (ver.Final Boss)

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Spirit Tsunami

Awesome. Reimu wins.

Formica Archonis

And lil' Nue is just bracing for the pain. Awww. I'm starting to like her.:)


You know, despite the fact that it IS a comedy and not a combat-based genre, I'm still just a little sad that lasted as short as it did. Aw well.
>Team 8: Use continues. Live up to the infamous ENDLESS EIGHT's legacy.


Well that's why it's called a Hax Sign to begin with. Only the creator of the Spell Card Rules is allowed to break them if need be. It's the only way to keep Reimu from causing any time paradoxes. Although I get this feeling that if any of Team 8 find a way to graze that much just to wear her down they might be able to hold her off.


I call BS on this *cue the ragequit*
>Team 8: survive anyway.

Kitsune Inari

> Team 8: Ragequit, go home sulking. (TvTropes link, you know the rest)


Isn't the pure danmaku version of Fantasy Heaven one of those cards where Reimu zips around the battlefield like crazy? Or is this version based on the fighting game version of the card?


This is basically the definition of "You just plain f*cking lose".

Isn't the pure danmaku version of Fantasy Heaven one of those cards where Reimu zips around the battlefield like crazy?

Nah, that's Fantasy Seal -Blink-.

Fantasy heaven is her last word spellcard from IN. And subsequently, also the fighting games.


Oh lookit, no censoring on Hax Sign's name.



Oh lookit, no censoring on Hax Sign's name.

This is too epic for censoring!


This music plays as this epicness ensues.

Dizzy H. Muffin

MSPA is more foul-mouthed than Nekokayou's baseline. ;)

And I would have mixed Wyrm's link, the instrumental version of "Ai wo Torimodose," and Weird Al's "Everything You Know Is Wrong" in another made-in-a-few-hours [S] theme, but the resultant MP3 was Incredibly Shitty and the reasons for the Weird Al bit were a bit in-jokey even for me (answer: a while back, I was playing Ai wo Torimodose in my head, and I didn't know it very well, so my brain segued into "Everything You Know Is Wrong" around where the 25-second mark was in that link).


MSPA? aren't we Create.swf Adventures?

Dizzy H. Muffin

Yeah, but since CSA is an imitator of MSPA, the latter has sort of set the tone.


I love the "this is going to suck" face Nue has


I think this might be the very reason why Team 8 stuck around in the main comic now. It's just to get back at Reimu, and later on Reimu's grand-daughter I'll bet.