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Shenanigans in a Magical Forest




YUKARI: Ah, very well, then. Marisa, Alice, I leave this in your more-than-capable hands. You are the stars -- it's you!

MARISA: Hah! Rock on.

YUKARI: Ah, very well, then. Marisa, Alice, I leave this in your more-than-capable hands. You are the stars -- it's you!

MARISA: Hah! Rock on.

> Reimu: Go 4-on-1, win anyway.

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So in other words, you're going back to the main comic for a while and then eventually starting another chapter/arc of these shenangians right Muffin?

>Marisa: No matter what happens at least I can aim with my weapon. Other than you trying to do a huge beam cannon.
>Alice: Thank goodness I have my explosive dolls with me, and we even have Shanghai to help.

Hakurou Musha

Ah, what the hell, one for old times' sake.

> Masha: Wake up.

Tewi Inonymous

Well that's certainly an anti-climatic ending.

Dizzy H. Muffin

@Wolf: Hey, just look at the URL, this has always been Create.swf Adventures #1. ;)


So all of this has been happening on June 15, which appears (based entire on speculation from things I've read earlier in this strip-like thing) to be on the eve of Shanghai's sentience (otherwise known as a "big event" for Alice and Marisa), and will be considered "over" on June 16.

Don't tell me if I'm right, because I know I'm not, even if I am. After all, if this is supposed to be happening right before Shanghai is "born" that would mean Marisa and Alice have been married for 10 years, which has never been mentioned at all so far in this (and for that matter, the actual year this is supposed to be taking place has never been mentioned, so my idle speculation is even more heresy).

Oh, don't mind me, ramblings of a madman and all... Yasora has no chance to survive make her time.

Dizzy H. Muffin

@MaxKnight: Man do I have to link every page here?

Formica Archonis

Random other stuff:
>Mystia and Wriggle: Everyone who hangs around with Cirno turns evil. Find a new friend.
>Cirno: Plot icy revenge against those stupidheads in Team 8.

Masha: Wake up.

>Masha: Find Bobby Ewing in the shower. Flip out because you've never seen a shower before, then wake up for real.


Oh wow, I totally forgot about that. Yup, shoulda gone to bed hours ago...


So after this boss battle we are gonna go back in time before Masha when we return to Nekokayou? or are we gonna pick up the story right after the end and continue from there.


So... we are almost finish with the first Create SWF? I was beginning to wonder when this moment would come.

>Masha: Wake up and realize that your awesome moeshroom powers have been drained. "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!"


Well my guess after this is done Muffin might go back to the main comic for a bit and start up a second chapter for these shenanigans. Besides this is pretty much the first chapter out of how ever many Muffin would like to do for us.

>Yasora: Prepare for a nuke in the face you two.
>Utsuho: Stupid Head! Like I'm going to let you concentrate on hurting them.

>Masha: Recover while still in a daze and wonder off somewere for a bit.

>Reimu: Use Hax Sign [You Just Ef'ing Lose]

>Yukari: Fondly regard Reimu's Hax Sign attack on Team 8.

>Aya: Get your story ready before chapter 2 of this story begins.

Wait I got one.

>Masha: Wake up to see a moe moe ghost wondering how is it possible for a moeshroom to exist.

Yuyuko and Masha should have a moe moe face-off while epic fight with Yasroa is going on. lol


Oh, come on, Muffin! Can't we at least get a little glimpse of Reimu going "Hax Sign 「You Just Plain F***ing LOSE」" on Team 8?

>MariAli: Let's start with plain old Malice Cannon to remembrance the good old times, which ironically are not as good as they are right now.


>Yasora: Enplane that Yukari killed you back dur-Aw who am I kidding NUKE THEM


>Marisa: Just defeat the Hell Raven and be done with it so we can move on.

>Masha: Remain unconcious for the duration of the epic fight and miss out on all of it.


>Marisa: Cue the Prismriver Sisters.
>Prismriver Sisters: Start playing Magus Night.


> Marisa: "So what's your beef this time? Unmatched socks? Lost hat? Haven't forgotten the face of your father? Wanna join the festivities? Can't figure out what two plus two equals?"

> Cirno: Do NOT get fooled by the clever disguise of this pretend-Utsuho-thingy! She doesn't have your girlfriend's big green bow! Instead, smash puny pretend-Utsuho-thingy with a Cirno Ice Hammer™!


Cirno: Speak like hulk

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