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CSA0482: Satori: Pet mischef sense tingling.


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Shenanigans in a Magical Forest


Like YASORA really thought you weren't going to prepare for precisely this EVENTUALITY. You've carefully kept this WARNING hidden from both her and UTSUHO.

> Yukari: Fondly regard shen- hey, wait, what's going on here?

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Anyone else reminded of those old Hannah Barbara cartoons where they're running down a hallway and pass the same door over and over again.


I'm guessing this is was Satori ment if Yasora did anything rash again. Although truth be told I'm guessing that was just a bluff to shut Utsuho up for a bit.


@Fox: It's like Tom and Jerry, and/or Scooby Do!

Formica Archonis

Play this in another window and just watch the above image. The William Tell Overture or The Sabre Dance completely torpedo any tiny amount of serious this had.

Other options include anything this TVTropes page describes as chase music.

Formica Archonis

BTW, was Yasora some sort of evil cook before the failed invasion? ;) I think the contributors need to pay attention to those little red lines under words more.