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Shenanigans in a Magical Forest

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Team 8: There are 4 of you, and probably Yasora might tag as a fifth if you slow them enough, making 5 stages like in Story of Eastern Wonderland. Demand a 1 vs 1 (at least no 2 people simultaneously) and hope they take the bait out of pride.

>Reimu & co: Do nothing. Yasora's resurrection might be a perfect way to annoy Yukari XD

> Cirno: How come my girlfriend is in danger and I'm nowhere to be seen? I hope I'm making the strongest sneak attack at least.


@Eletale: A Cirno sneak attack... thats something that Team 8 will never expect.

>Cirno: SNEAK ATTACK! (P.S. Don't fail in sneak attacks like Nitori what did when she attacked Team 8)

>Natori: Wake up and ponder where you are.

Player Three

>Reimu: Strife Modus: RETRIBUTION


>Cirno: To add insult to injury, consider Icicle Falling them

Docteur Hartmann

Marisa, Reimu and Alice: Pose as a team, because shit just got REAL!

Time to kick ass and chew bubblegum.


@Mariku Well, now we know the Lambda of the Touhou world. Does that make Satori the Kokonoe and Orin the Tager? :U

>Reimu: Get in there and kick some youkai ass.


@Patorikku: ...Yeah :D If we're going farther with this, I say Sanae is Hazama.

>Team 8: Introduce yourselves in a way akin to the Axem Rangers.


Reimu: wonder where YOUR partner in this incident is

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