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CSA0466: Reimu: Why don't you just use a gap to get there?


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Shenanigans in a Magical Forest



Because it's new enough that you don't always think about it, it takes a relatively large amount of effort, you don't know where they are, and you haven't worked out how YUKARI does the whole "finding where people are" thing. Though you might as well at least put yourself in YOUKAI MOUNTAIN's vicinity from the direction of the FOREST OF MAGIC.

Hmm. That worked out better than you thought it would.

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Convenient gaping is convenient.

Formica Archonis

Convenient gaping is convenient.

Pssst... "gapping".

Ah, such is the way of power. At first it is a great boon, then a useful tool, and then you're ignoring obvious uses of it to help a little girl feel important.


Pssst... "gapping".

Naw, I was just gaping at the fact that Alice's arms were gone :3
Although it IS very convenient gappping.


So is there some other fiction or article on this site describing how Reimu got or discovered her "gap teleportaion" powers?



It's basically just an extension of her powers as the Hakurei shrine maiden. She's the keeper of the Great Hakurei Border, so she seems to have learned a few border-related tricks (running into Yukari repeatedly probably gave her some good ideas).

I mean, take a look at Imperishable night, one game after she first meets Yukari; her boss battle is full of border shenanigans: she's zipping through the edges of the screen, creating teleporting barriers to throw her danmaku through, etc.

She's always been good with barriers, this is just an extension of that.


Well we can always say it's because she still remebers the time when she went down and beat up Okuu for the very first time thanks to the help of Yukari of course.

Spirit Tsunami

Yeah, this surprised me as well.