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Shenanigans in a Magical Forest


You have a feeling, though, that she's probably watching from one of her HIDDEN GAPS again. And AYA is probably just busily working on her scoop and has forgotten about anything else.

(Aya can no longer accept commands other than "Aya: Compose scoop.")

(Yukari can no longer accept commands other than "Yukari: Fondly regard shenanigans.")

> Aya: Compose Snoop. Yukari: Fondly regard Shameimaru.

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Dizzy H. Muffin


Awe Striker

>Yukari: Fondly regard the mannequins.


@Muffin re: Wyrm's deleted post
Aw, why not. Okay, so the phrasing was completely out of line and totally inappropriate, but considering the level of ass-kicking I am foreseeing, they might as well have that happen.

Hikari Patchy's mimic

>Yukari fondly regard silliness then grab a soda.
>Aya compose entirely inaccurate stories then join Yukari for a soda.
>Yuka ask for a recap on Nue's plan.
>Satori worry about Utsuho.
>Nue be silly
>Shinki follow Alice and Marisa.


I WILL HAVE MY AWESOMENESS. You will give in eventually.

> Marisa: Fire Magic Missile at the darkness! =D


@Khiash: I see what you're doing there.


>Reimu: Be prepaired for a 4-on-1 fight against two Ex-Boss types, ad 2 Stage 6 Boss types at the same time.

>Alice & Marisa: Head to Youkai Mountain ASAP before Reimu get's there, just to even the odds up a bit.

>Ran: Make snacks for Yukari while she is watching the shenanigans unfold.

>Chen: Distract Ran with your cuteness.

>Yuuka: Loot the kappa's equipment before she come's to.
>Team 8: Take another hostage with you... I guess.


Nitori has been hanging with Marisa for how long now? she should have known better. the proper way to attack the darkness is
destruction sign [Kappahameha]


Ah, I've got it.

>Okuu: Dream Cirno is in trouble and you're the hero; fire massive laser/miniature sun in your sleep


>Okuu: Wake up; say "Unyu?"


Has everyone forgot Yasora?
Yasora: Take over Okuu's unconscious body.
and Muffin, if the hotter blob is Okuu, Where is Masha? I count only 5 bodies.

Dizzy H. Muffin

She's the blob sticking out of the Rumia-blob's shoulder. (The Yuuka-blob carrying Utsuho is in front of them both.)


I guess you don't like Jack Black. Nevermind, it can be altered to something more befitting our miko:

> Reimu: Get ready to pull out all of some youkais' axillary hair, because they broke the rules. (You mean that only figuratively, of course — but what you have planned... those youkai might prefer it.)

Dizzy H. Muffin

I've never heard of whatever it is you're referencing, and it wasn't an appropriate one anyway. :P

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