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Shenanigans in a Magical Forest


Oh, this was just a NEAR-DEATH EXPERIENCE. That's a relief. Sort of.

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Oh- no wait, false alarm.


Good thing too. That would have taken ages crossing the river. And she'd probably try taking over hell.


You know, I don't think a fairy could cross the Sanzu River under normal circumstances.

I think that Cirno seeing it in a near-death experience means that whatever the Yama was mentioning in Cirno's part of the Flower Incident either has happened or is about to happen. Now, if only I could remember what that was...

Of course, I might just be overanalysing this.


Ah, I see! The Reaper is having a Near-Cirno experience! (And if you don't get that joke, read more Pratchett, heathens! :p)

Miko Mischa

And I stand corrected.

Is Komachi disappointed she doesn't get any business, or relieved that she doesn't have to work? :P


Wait a minute would this mean since Komachi was in the vicinity of were Cirno "sort of" was does this mean we have any controll over the laziest shikigami in all of Gensokyo now?

Miko Mischa

>Komachi: Take a nap.

Let's see if it works!

Formica Archonis

Miko Mischa
>Komachi: Take a nap.

Let's see if it works!

That's probably what she'd do anyway....:)


Shinigami. Shikigami are Ran and Chen.


Ah, but she's Shiki's Shinigami, right? :P


Yeah Komachi is a Shikigami, but not like how Ran and Chen are for Yukari. She's more along the line of a Reaper/Ferryman that works for Enki-san but likes to slack off more than anything though.

Dizzy H. Muffin

Komachi is a shinigami.

Ran is a shikigami.

The two concepts are not related to each other.

Formica Archonis

So, then, Komachi is more of a Shikieikigami?:)


Shikigami is a form of familiar usually a summoned spirit but in Yukari's minion's case it really is closer to the concept of a magician/witch's familiar.

Shinigami are grim reapers essentially. They claim the souls of the dead and take them from this world.

Why am I wearing a funky square hat and holding a pointer with a chalk board behind me now? Darn it I flipped into explanation mode again.


@ Wymar
Cirno is too (9) to be worth sending to hell


Damn I forgot xD

So, then, Komachi is more of a Shikieikigami?:)