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CSA0450: Marisa: Be late.


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Shenanigans in a Magical Forest


You are now CIRNO.

Uh ... wait, this doesn't look good. Isn't that river the SANZU, which the RECENTLY DECEASED must cross on their way to their FINAL JUDGMENT?

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Oh shit guys, it's Really Epic!

Miko Mischa



Yuka threatening Gensokyo? Check.
Newfound source of power? Check.
Characters dying? Check.

*gasps* You're right? CSA is going really epic!! D:

Dizzy H. Slightly Voided

... I hit "random" from that comic, and it took me to the other "really epic" comic.


For some reason I see a pattern of the "Really Epic" stuff here. If only we had something "Really Epic" for Rumia and Nue then Team 8 would have something "Really Epic" driving them to do things. lol


So... Cirno finally achieved mortality through power? (Warning, really epic F-bomb inbound...)

(Because I love Cirno. If she dies, I expect it to be in a better fashion than being stabbed in the dark. Only a worthy death for the strongest, I say!)