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CSA0446: Marisa: Head for the explosions and be ready to smack someone upside the head.


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Shenanigans in a Magical Forest


The two of you get ready to bust some NON-MAGICIAN HEADS. You can each deal with minor INCIDENTS on your own, but when things get REALLY NASTY, win or lose, you and ALICE are in it together.

> Marisa: Contact Nitori. If something's going down, a little extra help never hurt.

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>Meiling: Save the day. It has to be your turn by now, right?


>Marisa: Save now since things might get ugly later on.

>Alice&Marisa: Have your MAlice Connon ready for anything ahead.

>Alice: Bring your dolls for more pyrotechnics if needed.

Sanae: Expect to be requested to help resolve this incident with Reimu.

Formica Archonis

Daiyousai/Cirno: There was a glitch in the reincarnation matrix fusing you together into Advent Cirno(Or whatever Muffin wants to call this OC). [It has to happen sooner or later]

You make them sound like Cylons or something.


Well truth be told it would be nice to see Cirno go Advent Cirno in this series, but it's not only up to Muffin if he wants to try that, but the create.swf system of having her in the character creation bit though.


Well there already is the outfit and the watermelon sword...

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