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CSA0427: Masha: Crash into Cirno.


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Shenanigans in a Magical Forest


Don't be ridiculous, you weren't anywhere near high enough.

DAIYOUSEI is giving you that expression of STRAINED PATIENCE she has a lot. At least ... she seems to augh, what!?

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Well, I came here for nothing then.


I guess Cirno and Utsuho really were insignificant.


Without looking at the next page, I'm going to guess that Rumia just showed up. Am I right? Tune in next post to find out!


Darn, it didn't work.
Judging by Masha's speed in the last panel, though, she could have jumped really high - above tree level, certainly. That must mean Cirno and Utsuho were really, really high up.


Yes! Called it.