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CSA0423: Daiyousei: Elaborate on how Team 8 found out about your disability.


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Shenanigans in a Magical Forest


Just a little mishap where you ran into NUE HOUJUU right after the UFO INCIDENT, and then one of TEAM 's earliest plots seemed to actually rely on your INTELLIGENCE.

Fortunately, whatever they're planning, she's unlikely to cause any problems just yet. She hasn't done anything as blunt as intentionally screwing up their plans for kicks, as far as you know, but she's definitely a bit less proactive about dealing with potential threats than the rest.

You also have an ... AGREEMENT whereby she isn't going to try to use her NUE MAGIC to disguise herself as a FAIRY (you can't actually see her DISGUISES anymore), and you're not going to show her THE TRUE TERROR OF FAIRIES.

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Formica Archonis

... I don'r think I want to know what THE TRUE TERROR OF FAIRIES is, particularly from one who's actually intelligent and clever.


Normal thoughts: 1: Masha r cute. 2: Team 8 is up to someting. Possibly involving Nue pretending to be Masha.
Overthinking analysis: The TRUE TERROR OF FAIRIES: There's loads of them, they don't stay dead - unlike everyone other than Kaguya/Mokou - and Dai's so freakishly smart that she could probably keep them all aimed at someone for more than their usual five seconds?

Dizzy H. Slightly Voided

Could also be the true terror of being a fairy ... :3c


You mean that...

O_O No way, Daiyousei wouldn't do that, would she?
Turn Nue into an actual fairy, complete with the intelligence of one? Because THAT would be terrifying...

Dizzy H. Slightly Voided

Nah, she'd just show her the terror thereof. :3


You mean, the pains of being a fairy, beings the Mooks of Touhou, and the fact that she would be shot down near constantly by everyone that sees her?


Oops, I misspelled a few words, Muffin-sama. But you understand the gist of it, yes?


PCB Stage 4 Fairy begs to differ. You know the one.
I'm still not convinced that she isn't an escaped scientific experiment.


@Wymar: Wouldn't that be a doom fairy? Or are you talking about Lily White? (Not that there's that much of a difference between the the two...)

Anyways, I would wish that there was a stage in Touhou where all of the named fairies decide to show up at certain points to attack you, with a surprise for a boss...


Lily's a pushover in PoFV and GFW. But you're right, she's annoying in PCB.


Well just so you guys know Lilly White is pretty much the arbenger of Spring, so of course she'll be at her strongest near the end of winter.

If you want to get technical about this, Cirno as an Ice Fairy can kind of be considered not just as a prakster but also the symbol of Winter as well. Although Letty is just there for the ride of course since she's a yuki-ona.

The only seasonal fairy types that aren't discovered... yet would be the fariy for summer, but some say that would be Achi Cirno, and for fall.


Yeesh, becoming a fairy would be like getting Alzheimer's.