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Shenanigans in a Magical Forest


You catch sight of ... uh-oh. Not one of them.

Well, at least they already know about your DISABILITY.

> Daiyousei: Elaborate on how Team 8 found out about your disability.

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>Masha: Realise you've re-enlarged and calm down.

...Like that's going to work.


Was that Nue from Team 8?

>Masha: Calm down and listen to Diayousei about you being watched by Mima's gang, Team 8. Then proceeded to flip out again at hearing the news.


>Masha: Flip the Fricking Fricky Frick back... in? V2

>Daiyousei elaborate on Disability


We already know what her disability is - she's too smart to be a fairy.
Hey, how about...

>Nue: Be a fairy.

Kitsune Inari

> Masha: be too exhausted to keep flipping out


So Nue makes it to the scene already. Not really supprised since Mima is in the vicinity.

I'll second the Nue to disguise herself as a fairy. It might be the best way to follow our little moeshoorm without anyone being the wiser.

As for Daiyousei's disablity, didn't she mention that she was an inteligent fairy and that is considered a disabilty for fairies?

>Rumia: See if you can interupt Okuu's and Cirno's cuddle times to do some catching up with both of them.

>Marisa: Recollect on how fun the party was with Masha.

>Aya: Sense that a major scoop is going down in the Magic Forest some more.

>Yuka: Tail the little moeshroom, since she's useful to Team 8's plan.


Yeah, Daiyousei's disability is that she's smart, said at 251. But she also said she doesn't tell non-faeries about it, so why does Team 8 know?

>Daiyousei: Elaborate on how Team 8 found out about your disability.


>Daiyousei: Protect the hapless Moeshroom from impending danger!!


>Daiyousei: Tell Masha there's a chance to become larger if she uses a spellcard against the tree where the shadow which mysteriously resembled Nue was projected.

>Daiyousei: Stay alert with your oun spellcards ready in case the moeshroom actually catches Nue off-guard.


> Daiyousei: Get Masha to flip the frick back in xor(sic) tell her that trouble is afoot...wing... whatever.
> Daiyousei: Tell the moeshroom that the shrinkage can be minimized by training. Like, say, bombshrooming the next person that aproaches the two of you.


@Wymar: xor? absolutely cant be both of them?

>Dai: Pretend you didn't see them, while laying a trap to catch them


Imagine how she would flip out if Dai-chan told her that they are being stalked...


Nue plans

Make everyone look like mushrooms
Replace all the skirts in Gensenkyo with pants
Trick Masha into fighting Okuu
Pretend to be Rumia to tick off EX_Rumia
Claim Yukari is messing around again
Slip Masha a spellcard when she isnt looking, Expletive sign [Dammit Yukari]
Make Masha a stage 8 boss. Wall-bang when you realize you should have upgraded yourself

Tewi Inonymous

>Masha: Flipping the fricking-fricky-frick out never helped anyone, so flip the fricking-fricky-frick in.

>Masha: Make friends with nue, since it's not like she's plotting to use you in her evil plan or anything.

Hunter 1

DiMastine: Stage 8 is called Phantasm, and only two youkai have that stage (in canon, and ignoring the three fighting games and PoDD/PoFV): Ran Yakumo, as Phantasm mid-boss, and Yukari Yakumo, as the Phantasm boss.


yes I know. but it was stated Nue's plans were half baked



So basically, all of Nue's plans can be stated as follows:
Steps 1,2,...,n: Some sort of wacky hi-jinks
Step n+1: ???
Step n+2: Profit


Yep, thats pretty much how it goes.
Masha: Tire out and float there panting.
Dai: Continue speaking to Masha nonchalantly as to not tip off Nue.


>Masha: Flip back in; acquire hiccups.


>Masha: Take deep breaths to help freak the fricky frick back in.
>Daiyousei: Let Masha know bout the "factions" that currently reside in Gensokyo for Masha.

The lil' moeshroom needs a history lesson sooner or later.

>Kiene: Sense that someone is interesting in wanting to know a bit about the current happenings of Gensokyo nearby.


Masha: Hax sign [go fish]

Randomly steal someone elses' spellcard and use it.


>Nue: Find a way to trick Masha into becomming an Ex Mid-Boss or Ex Boss.

The only thing that can come to mind with her messing with Masha.

>Rumia: Is that so?

>Yuka: Sense that fi the moeshroom can do something along the line of a Master Spark "liberate" so called card from her.


Hmm, here I thought Masha creating mushrooms would shrink her as ir expends her 'power' or 'life force' and regenerates with food/over time.