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CSA0417: Masha: Destroy Christmas.


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Shenanigans in a Magical Forest


Merry June 15, 2019, everyone! ... Do you even know about CHRISTMAS?

> Masha: Ask Daiyousei if it's possible for spell cards to persist after their pattern is over.

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Ariamaki Risenki

Holy crap, it's Merry MY BIRTHDAY! It's definitely a great panel: Hooray for June 15th indeed!


Well you see, Masha, Christmas is this day on which a guy with a haploid set of genes was magically born, heralded by a winged creature, visited by 3 mages, and later went on to nonviolently gather followers to tell people that they should basically all be friends.


Flan's wings are the best Christmas decorations.


but Cirno's would be the strongest.


@Cuddlefish: Indeed they do(check out the link)

Also, is that a Christmas cactus in the top left corner?

Dizzy H. Muffin

It's supposed to be bamboo. It's from one of KirbyM's Christmas flashes, and made its way into Create.swf.


@Kaiser: Poor Flan. I wonder why she doesn't destroy the ropes?

Formica Archonis

I love the candy cane. Candy sword? Candy sword-cane?

@Kaiser: Poor Flan. I wonder why she doesn't destroy the ropes?

(Considers saying something crass. Decides against it.)


@KimikoMuffin: I watched the videos and now the Christmas bamboo makes sense.

@BigB: Maybe she didn't consider the option or doesn't feel like ruining the christmas tree in the process.

@Formica Archonis: That my friend is none other than the Legendary Christmas Blade. As for the second part of your comment... I can't think of a response.


ED for the win people. Seriously, she needs to be taught.