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CSA0412: Step 1: Spawn a fairy ring. Step 2: FAIRY DANCE-OFF!


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Shenanigans in a Magical Forest

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I'll match that with this then.

>Hourai: Think of picking a fight with anyone "too close" to Alice as of now.

All because of that Horuai vs Marisa doujin I've read a while ago. Well aside from that let's try this:

>Tenshi: It's time to destory the Hakurei Shrine, or was it time to look for Yuuka?

>Wriggle: Look for your "master" Yuuka.

I know this will never happen but what the heck.


Isn't Utsuho and Cirno still on their little date?

> Yasora: Begin to plot so the day ends badly.


Wait Yasora? *facepalm* I completely forgot about her, but at the same time Satroi is kind of miffed that Okuu tends to hang out with that ⑨ more than ever.

>Yasora: Sense a familiar presense of someone you knew long before Okuu ate you.

Tewi Inonymous


>Masha: Even better than mind control spores on enemies is mind control spores on friends. Acquire fairy buddies, because every good shooter protagonist needs options.


Nameless Fairies: Call all of your friends to join in!


I can only imagine that the fairies are humming a tune to the dance they're all doing.

Dizzy H. Muffin

Jegus, Beta, you made like over sixty posts today :P

Formica Archonis

Someone found the site and did an archive binge, methinks.:)


I saw that Muffin, and it was one all the older stuff from a few weeks back,a nd some of it didn't even make any sense to me though. So I'll got with what Formic Archonis said and leave it at that.

Anyways some more stuff to work on, or to see if they will actually work, or... well I think you know what I'm tring to get at here.

>Mima: Contact the others in Team 8 about the status of Masha.

>Yuuka: Wonder where Wriggle is at, or Tenshi since you need to "play" with one of them.

>Nue: Disgusie yourself as a fairy and follow Masha around.

>Rumia: Remind the "idots" what you are planning and annoy the remaining members of Team ⑨.

>Yukari: Just sit back and watch the crazyness unfold on your TV at home.

>Ran: Make waffles for no reason.


This is the most adorable thing I've seen recently.


Yep, I lost internet access and bookmarks to moving and I made up for lost time!


The dance is so cute and silly that it's almost hypnotic XD


Masha should totally be doing the Saturday Night Fever pose. With that and those sleeves, she could cute us all to death.

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