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Shenanigans in a Magical Forest


Well, that was inevitable.

> Develop Spell Card 「Universal Veil」

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Masha: Try to recall any pointers, you may or may not, have gotten from the witch or miko on dealing with faries. Use said advice.



That's a good idea. I say we go with that.


Marisa and Reimu's advice on fairies would be to fire first with HAX.

Fantastically Adequate sign [Mushroom Spark]


Immediately invent and use Spell Card!

Pollenization, [Lethal Spreads] ! (from 00:21 to 00:26 , but others can do just fine)


>Masha: Test your luck: Say hi and walk past them as if nothing happened.


>Masha: Act panicked and say you're being chased by a miko and a witch. That should scare them enough to leave you alone.


Have a nice conversation with fairies, at which point, flip the frickety frick out and EVISCERATE THEM with exploding shrooms

Netto Takashi

> Masha: Initiate Strike Modus "Converse"

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