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Shenanigans in a Magical Forest


Now that the deal with KONNGARA (which is another tale for another time) has settled down, you really aren't sure how you feel about YASORA.

> Strife Modus: CONVERSE -Running-, I guess

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Dizzy H. Muffin



>Yasora: See if Utsuho would like to talk with you since something is up.

>Utsuho: Ask about how to make sure that Cirno becomes your proper girlfriend.

Kitsune Inari

> Yasora: Resign to your current fate, and plan on trying to help Okuu grow a bit smarter so that it will at least be somewhat bearable in the future.


> Yasora: But surely there's something you want to do other than work and fairies? Something that will rock the foundations of the earth, that will leave your name emblazoned in the book of history, forever... You're no ordinary hell raven, you're something STUPENDOUS!

> Okuu: I'm doing everything I want. And stop calling me stupid!

Yeah, I want to work in a Leslie Nielsen homage somehow. And I want Okuu to get it wrong :)

Tewi Inonymous

>Yasora: Sup fool, it appears you have noticed my presence. Would you like help on burninating the countryside?


Guh, the timeline skipping is really annoying.

>Okuu: Discern the motivations and aspirations of the three legged crow that you had consumed!
> ... Or talk to Yasora. Either works.


Also, this is unrelated to the comic: what happened to your article on Retellishable Night?


>Yasora: I can help you to have infinite playtime with Cirno, Okuu!

I mean, Yasora is intelligent as far as I noticed :x

Player Three

So uh..when are we by now?


@Player Three

Obviously, we're in the year 200X ;)

>Yasora: Try to trick Okuu into thinking you want to be her friend


>Utsuho: Begin to ask Yasora odd, revealing questions in attempts to learn about your enemy.


Party at the shrine?

Tornado Wolf

@ Myrhh

I misread "infinite playtime" as "inTIMATE playtime". Shows where MY mind is.

Still, she'd probably never do that.


Muffin, this jumping around in time ans storyline hurt my brain! MY BRAIN HURTS!!


Ok because of the time jumpage here I have to envoke her making sure that there are no time paradoxes that the actual line we are working on, and not the kind were we do something very stupid just for the lols.

>Kiene: Sense that someone or something is jumpping back and forth though time in Gensokyo as of late.


Element of surprise is now completely and utterly lost... oh well.

>Yasora: Follow Rumia's example, show some decency and have constructive talk with the people you despise(Yukari, Satori, Utsuho, ect)to rebuild bonds and establish relationships with a series of therapeutic conversations. However the option to SCREW THIS and cause nuclear winter is also viable option.


@ Tornado Wolf
Why not? I mean, how do you deal with a birdbrain? Think like a birdbrain!

Player Three

>Yasora: "Oh, suck it up, kid. I don't like you, but I'm stuck with you."


Too late for me but I'd say after so many years one should learn to take a chill pill.