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CSA0350: You're nearly a god, and you just let that satori punish you!?


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Shenanigans in a Magical Forest


Yeah, you aren't even sure what you were thinking. Which is to say, you aren't sure what POSSESSED YOU to threaten NUCLEAR FIRE AND BURNINATION on the surface-world. Well ... okay, you were feeling rather annoyed at SATORI's other pets making fun of you because you were only a STAGE 1 BOSS. But honestly, you deserve every bit of punishment you're getting. You are the guiltiest HELL-RAVEN with the power of a CROW with the power of THE SUN in the entire UNDERGROUND!

> How did I control you before ...? Hmm. What's that cup over there?

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"Burnination"? I see what you did there. =w=

Kitsune Inari


Utsuho was a girl...
I mean, she was a crow girl...
Or maybe she was just a crow.
But she was still UTSUHOOOOOOO!!!


...I agree with Kitsune.