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CSA0332: Reimu: Seek out Masha.


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Shenanigans in a Magical Forest


Reasoning that you should at least say HI, you get MARISA to go with you while the others head back to ALICE's house to prepare TEA. Besides, MIMA is probably still at large somewhere.

MARISA grudgingly extends the invitation to AYA as well; you aren't sure about the details, but you're pretty sure MARISA's coarseness has to do with AYA not knowing when to stop jokingly trying to pry into their SEX LIFE.

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Uh oh, I see Yukari messing around in that corner.


This can only mean Yukari si amused to see what the miko and the witch are doing as of now.


I'm not tempted to type down:

> Yukari: Stalk the miko and the witch.


Sending commands to Yukari is a Bad Thing, no matter what we are where or when in terms of the comic. Yukari does not have a fourth wall. She knows. If you have a picture of Yukari on your computer screen, IT WILL WATCH YOU. Best to play it safe and stick to inputting commands elsewhere.

Player Three

I think by this point they've all accepted that Yukari listens in on whatever she damn well pleases, and are just ignoring the gap. That or they failed a spot check. [TVTropes link. All warnings apply.]


It isn't one of Yukari's gaps. Tewi painted up a bunch of strips of cloth and likes to drape them around the forest, to defray blame from falling in her traps keep people on their toes.