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Shenanigans in a Magical Forest


Oh, and there's your girlfriend, UTSUHO REIUJI, off in the distance over there above the MISTY LAKE! HOORAY!

> Aya: Bother the Miko, part 2.5.

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Guessing that will be the (6) sleepwalking and the Yatagarasu is going to try and remove a distraction.
Would a sealed hellgod know the strongest is immortal?


>Cirno: Prove that you are truly the STRONGEST somehow to impress your girlfriend.

Player Three

>Daiyousei: Proximity Alert: Radiation source detected.


My guess it only means that Utsuho is now going to be involved in this story it would seem. Besides she's not like what she looked like in the earlier chapter, since that was a time slip into the past. so in other word I think Utsuho would be delighted to meet up with her girlfriend as of now.


It's actually Utsuho.
It's a possessed Utsuho.
It's Nue in disguise.
It's Yukari messing with the border of illusion and reality.

Regardless I'd say these two are likely to wreck Daiyousei's home fairly soon.

Formica Archonis

Player Three
>Daiyousei: Proximity Alert: Radiation source detected.

I think the wording's not quite right, but I'm still hearing that in an HEV suit voice.

Hmmm. Half-Life: Scintillation?


The moment I saw her, I thought back on the Ground Zero video recently created by KamiNekoYu and thought, "Holy crap." XD

Formica Archonis

>Cirno: Hugs are nice, but glomping is stronger! Be the strongest!


Is this Muffin trolling us making a distant Utsuho look like normal after how she was showed before? Oh, well ...

>Cirno: Aproach your girlfriend with the strongest silly smile on your face XD

Docteur Hartmann


Player Three

@Formica Archonis: That's not specifically what I intended, but after I posted that I myself couldn't help but read it with a computerized voice (More Dot in my case. Blame Reach.)

@Eletale: You mean this? But that wasn't Utsuho...and apparently the viewpoint had shifted way off to the past. Unless Muffin's pulling a fast one on us.


My guess Muffin decided to take one of my joke commands and took it a step further by making Okku, a unique character I bet, even though it's really Utsuho's nickname. So in any case it's probably the same thing when he had Rumia pop in with one frame and said she had nothing to do with this story as of yet. Well once Muffin picks up the story again we'll find out what the deal is with Utsuho as of now.

Dizzy H. Muffin

"Okuu." Watch your spelling. Which I corrected in my command. :P


Yeah I know sometimes I tend to mis-spell things at times. Also, it doesn't help that I'm typing this stuff up after midnight or so.

Dizzy H. Muffin

So you're a member of the Midnight Crew? ;)


As am I


Well not really more like a Night Owl Member, since most of the stuff I want to watch are usually on that late. And I'm talking about anime of course mind you. :p