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CSA0314: Cirno: What are you hooraying about today?


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Shenanigans in a Magical Forest


Because you're not cooped up in that WITCH'S STUPID HOUSE anymore, duh! Time to hit it up with your friends and possibly TEAM ⑨!

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*summons little fairy cheerleaders*

Go! Team! 9!

Formica Archonis

Wooo! Carpe diem all over the place, strongest little fairy!



Now please, could someone kindly remind me who are the members of team ⑨ again?


@ Eletale: Team ⑨ consists of Wriggle Nightbug, Rumia, Mystia Lorelei, and of course Daiyousei.Also, of course it woulden't be Team ⑨ without Cirno of course. Although there is still probably some controversy over if Utsuho can be consdiered eligable to join the group or not, since she is a ⑥ afterall.


@Wolf: I don't think Rumia was ever a member of Team ⑨ in Nekokayou.
Left ⑨ Dead and Team 9 Origins indicate it was just Cirno, Daiyousei, Wriggle, and Mystia.

Dizzy H. Muffin

You forgot Chen and Orange, both mentioned in Team ⑨ Origins.


Well I was going with the actual wiki for that with Rumia. I mean it does state that if Daiyousei isn't involved she along with Mystia, Wriggle, and Cirno are known as the bakarett (Idiot Quartett).

Also, I didn't know those two were invoved with Team ⑨ with your story Muffin, but I'll check it again though.


@Wolf Technically in this fanfic Daiyousei is actually very intellegent. she has a birth defect. please refer to one of the previous comics with Masha and Daiyousei (I dont know which because im too lazy to look it up XD)


@BigB: I know it's a fanfic and all, but you have to understand that Daiyousei is Cirno's good freind so there fore she's a member of Team ⑨ because she knows and hangs out with Cirno. Just because she is The Smartest doesn't mean that she doesn't have the right to be in the team though.

Dizzy H. Muffin

It even says Daiyousei's in Team ⑨ in "Team 9 Origins."